HMC #46: Movie Tribute – Mad Max Interceptor


I will do Max’s car from “Fury Road”.
I work full time, so it will vary abit how much time I get to spend on this project.
But will sneak in as much time as i can and hopefully I get a good (and complete) result in time!



Since i’ve not been too active on the forum before, it took a while before this thread showed up. So here’s some work from the last few days:

Started up with some planning and I found some blueprints from the old Mad Max movie. It is not exactly the same, and also not very detailed, so I’m studying a lot of my referance images for changes
and extra details. The car is really broken down and at some places it can be hard to spot how it is shaped. So i’m also studying the original Ford Falcon 1973 model abit.

Making sure it’s made in the real 1:1 scale ofc

Managed to get a all around decent start shape on day 1. Still alot of defining and topo work to be done, but so far so good:

The studying took abit more time than i expected. Especially the places where it’s
hard to spot in pictures. Did’nt get that much further last night, but I worked on the back part, the parts above the wheels and some smoothing and topo fixing. Also started to define some edges:


Looking good so far :slight_smile: I love the headlights on that car haha.


Almost done with these parts of the main shape:


More parts done!

Front cover:

Full size

Top spoiler:

Full size

Back parts:

Full size

Some totals of where i’m at:

Full size


Clean model. Keep the good work it take shape


Been a little while since the last update here.
Have’nt had time to work on this as much as I’d hoped, but here’s what’s new

More parts and details at the back side:

Full size

Small parts: (Door handle, pipes, ventilation thing, petrol lid)

Full size:

Front tires:

Full size:

Back tires: (Wider and bigger)

Full size:

Some totals:

Full size:

Full size:

Full size:


Done with all the parts under the car. The car is raised more in the back than in the front, so u will see alot of whats happening under. It’s also very visible in the front, since some of the “covers” are removed/lost in the wasteland. It’s quite hard to see what actually goes on everywhere, but I’ve taken some screenshots from the film, found various images on the net and some from the original model.

Here’s how it ended up:

Full size:

Various images where all other parts are removed:

Full size:


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


The air injection thing is done

Full size:

Full size:

Full size:


I am not a concept artist, I just like to draw and I do use cad (Microstation) and must say your car is absolutely fantastic.



Very good modeling and details. :thumbsup:


As I told you I work with Bentley Microstation and associated products so I know something about what you have been doing and the effort it would have taken. Congratulations.

This is an unbelievable piece of work and obviously you have put a big effort into research for the car. I am guessing you are using Catia/Maya or similar type of software which I understand to be challenging at best but is suitable for automobiles(copy/rotate /render/mesh etc,). For those who do not know about the software aspect they cannot understand the level of effort it would have taken to get this far.

All I can say is I am so impressed and wish I could do that.



This is a great entry!
You got until Monday to post:
HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute!
Post your Final Entry!

And you got enough done to post BTW. After all this is a modeling challenge.