HMC #46: Movie Tribute - 1986 "The Transformers: The Movie" Hot Rod, vehicle mode


Even though most of September is over, I may try to bang out a quick model (I hope it’s quick!)

As a big fan of the original Transformers, I want to try and build Hot Rod’s alternate mode, which for the time animated movie came out, was supposedly how cars of 2005 were going to look (though in Dreamwave Comics’ profile books which came out between 2003-2004, it was retconned as a Cybertronian Car).

Nevertheless, I wanted to give the once-and-future Prime some love, especially since most fan art is of the more well known characters from 1984 and then also the Michael Bay films.

Here’s some references I was able to scrounge up online!


You dear sir didn’t read the rules… no Transformer allowed in this challenge.


I did read the rules, but didn’t see it the first time around. Well, rather than contest what has been written, I guess I’ll just do this as an individual project separate from the HMC.


Yah sorry, Roberto told us there will be a separate challenge someday for that (Can find the quote inside the first paragraph on the main topic.

I also wanted to do a Transformer: Bumblebee Camaro. But I switch to do a Camaro with Gull wings for matching M.A.S.K. serie. That way I have a Camaro anyway at the end.

But way totally you can start a wip threat in the wip section of the forum.