HMC #46 - Lord Humungos


Yeah, after look some references I decided to make this car from Mad Max 2.

I will include Lord Humungos "driver"if I have some time. Let`s see what I can do.


So I started with this tire. I was having some dificult to model this detials in a way that they can repeat. Now I think I am in the right way. I am trying to choose more complex elements instead simple models. That is good to train new forms of modeling.

Take a look:


So here is the result of the wheel. It took more or less 2 hours to make this result. I want to give a great attention to the details. Hope you like.


Look good so far.

Keep the good work


Thanks Scote.

I am working in the basic shapes now. I am really enjoying this model, there are so many details to add. I will give my best.


One more update. There are so many details, but we can see a overall shape.


Very good
It is getting a “Monster Truck” shape


Thanks [b]walterjunior3d

[/b]Now we have more details. Do I really need to model the engine details and men tied up? lol


I started the motor. For now is just to simple. The block of the motor will make a huge difference in the visual. I am not modeling a specific model, but I had a lot enough references to work on this and find what is the best visual for this monster machine. Hope you like.


Still need more models and details but it is almost finished. I will start the textures soon. It will not be easy but let`s do it.


Now the model is almost finished. I will see if I can add some more details and not lose the essence of the model.


Hello everyone. So here is a quick material test.

As you can see I have some points for adjustments and some ideas. I am planing to make a overall dirt layer and compose in post process what areas I will let more or less dirt. ID channels and DOF will help me to make some final adjustments.

This will be cool, I am very satisfied with this first test. Hope you like.


Nice progress, keep going. :thumbsup:


Folks, after some tests and adjustments, I had this result. Hope you like.

I am thinking in the idea to make the enviroment.


Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


Man, why didn’t you post on the final thread? your models is one of the best, it’s a shame they didn’t take it for the final voting.


Hi[b] Zsibo

[/b]Basically I forgot the final date, in fact I was working to complete the image in the correct date but for some reasons they decided to change the final date, I understand and respect that. Anyway, some days ago I could not find the final images post.

My idea here is to work and respect the dates, the client most of the time will not tolerate delayed works, I also want to share some studies and learn with other artists. I think if I complete this 3 rules, my job here is done.

Hope they can respect the artists who respect the dates in a next challenge.

Thanks for your kind of words about my work. The works of the other artists are very impressive. Congratulations to all.

I am prepared for the next challenge.


ok ill fix this…Give me a few hours.
And I understand your points, but I need the flexibility the extra time gives. The goal at the end is to generate as many FINAL entries as possible.