HMC #46 - Beverly Hillbillies Truck


Hello everyone.

This will be my first HMC.

I am selecting the truck from the Beverly hillbillies T.V. show.

I am just a weekend hobbyist, most of the time I can get a couple hours a week to play around, so probably biting off more than I can chew.

I will be using Blender, Krita and

I have already learned something from this, the truck is a 1921 Oldsmobile.

Here is my reference sheet made from images off the internet.


Hey Ryeath welcome in HMC,

Nice choice, I hear for the first time of the interesting Beverly hillbillies show.

And dito here i’m hobbyist too, wishing you good luck and fun.


Wahoo… I have a wheel done. :applause:

I used this video as a reference to learn how the wooden wheels are made. Interesting, though it’s Russian, so I don’t know what they are saying.

and I found this picture to help me get started on the body frame.


One more wip screen before the weekend is over.


‘Dodge Brothers’, yeah that goes waaayyyyy back.
Looking good so far.


Thanks Wyatt.

This is definitely the most ambitious project I have attempted.

Here is a quick update.


Quick update. Still blocking stuff in as time allows.

Looks like a lot of people joining in the challenge. Awesome.


A couple more update photos. Still blocking in. About 12 hours so far. Want to have the blocking in done by Oct so I can start texturing and detailing. That’s where it will probably fall apart. Texturing is really a weak spot for me.

Chassis image

Full image

Thanks for looking.


Started throwing some placeholder textures on it. Still plenty of modeling to do, but the texturing is what will cause me the most grief, so I need to get started on it.


Playing around with some textures.

I found a wood texture to use on the wood planks and the barrels here

I reread the rules and it says all artwork must be new. Does that include textures?

Here it is with the wood textures on it. I left the texture alone for the barrels and the bucket, and desaturated and changed the hue a bit for the bed and rails (same texture though).


Hi. This is my 1st post here. Here is my work in progress of my work for the challenge: the famous batmobile tumbler. Hope it’s upto the mark for the challenge :slight_smile:


Uh, you’re gonna want to start your OWN thread for the HMC challenge considering this is Ryeath’s WIP thread


Sorry buddy!! I am new here. So posted wrongly.


No problem Starkman.

I have to say everyone’s entries are looking really great. Amazing talent here on CGTalk. :bowdown:

Here is a few more updated textures.


I know there is another week or two left until deadline, but I’m not sure I will be able to get anymore time to work on my project, so I prepared this compiled image to be sure I could get an entry in. If I find time to work on it I will update the image. I will wait until closer to deadline to put in the final thread.

I definitely plan to continue working on it past the deadline as I have never taken a project to this extreme before, and although it may be amateurish by the standards here I am quite pleased with the results (as unfinished as they are).

So here is my entry:

Vehicle: 1921 Oldsmobile Flatbed Truck from the television series “The Beverly Hillbillies”
Time: About 30 hours in small 2 -3 hour increments (sorry, did not keep accurate records)
Programs used: Blender (modeling, rendering, procedural textures), (textures, compiling final images together)
External sources: Wood Planks - D632 (texture) by AGF81 on DeviantArt (Creative Commons)



Because of heavy interest I am moving the delivery date…
New Dateline Monday, November 16 2015


Nice model

You got until Monday to post:
HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute!
Post your Final Entry!


Hey man, didn’t see this before but hope you can use it for future models:

Hope you finish this model, did a pretty nice job so far.


Thanks for the link Zsibo. Looks like what I need to learn. And I’m glad you liked my WIP.