HMC #45 - Super Mario Bros


I’ll be modeling my version of this classic scene here

Not the most exiting scene in the world, but I’m hoping I can make it interesting O_o


just started my concept sculpt for Luigi, who will be the “star” of this scene. o_o


Hello welcome,

yeah you can make Luigi interesting, nice start.


was able to squeeze in some time to work. still mostly zbrush concepts with some smaller props made in maya


small update

just retopologized my luigi


test render of my posed and painted Luigi.
still needs all his hair, thinking about trying out hairworks from nvidia but I’ll decide later,
and I need to finish some of the props (Mario and Peach) that will end up in the BG


Here are the rest of my WIP
I wanted to try out Hairworks from Nvidia for all the hair but Maya kept on crashing on me when I did, so since Hairworks ain’t really modeling I’ll just add hair in photoshop for my final comp which I will upload later tonight. O_o

Wireframe of retopologized Luigi, the mushroom and room:

Wireframe posed Luigi:







here is my final render/comp

I know it’s modeling challenge but I like finishing the image completely, and I need the photoshop practice :slight_smile:


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