HMC #45 - Street Fighter


Hi everyone,

This is my first time participating to a contest and i couldn’t expect a better theme than something bringing me back to my childhood.

I chose to work on Street Fighter.

Edit :

The scene will be Ryu firing his hadoken at Guile in a kinda funny way


I started work on Ryu’s head, still a lot to fix though.


Hi AnthonyCaty and welcome in this Challange,

good luck and ambitions with Street Fighter.


Thank you.

Ryu updated. I fixed what bothered me with the face : smaller eyes, nose and eyes are a bit lower and a slightly bigger outline. Also worked on his body, I decided to give him a small build compared to the more bulky body i plan for Guile.

Edit : Kimono done


May I suggest a more dynamic pose for his hands. Ryu severely dorsiflexes has hands while throwing the hadouken.


I get what you mean, the issue is that i don’t sculpt in T-pose and then pose the model, i directly sculpted it that way, which may be a stupid thing to do. I guess i’ll just cut the hand and remake them as a separate part.


Wyatt also sculpt not in T-pose.

Like the idea of a street fighters scene. For modeling yah the current pose is more a Thai Chi pose then a Hadoken pose. His forehead also look short, like his doesnt have a skull


I liked the idea too when i first had it but i’m starting to think that i’ve seen too big and should have only gone with a character model instead of the whole scene.

About the forehead, i’ll have to check it with an actual skull picture and make a comparison, thanks for the feedback.


Of course, the forehead could be fix with Hair addition. But yah technically, you should try to have your head fixed first so your hair will flow easy


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