HMC #45 Space Invaders


Hey all! First post here, or so I believe…

Decided to join this competition in the last couple of days. I knew taking on a 1month 2weeks competition in a couple of days wasn’t the ultimate setting, but when I saw this I instantly knew what I wanted to make.

I wanted to create a cinematic look from the Invader’s perspective, where a ship is in the hangar, just before launch into the rows and rows of Invaders facing the great cannon before planet earth.

I was never a good sketcher or concept artist, but I tried to get the basics down before I quickly went into Maya to start building straight away. The only reference for the ship was from the game itself, to get the precise outline, silhouette. I wanted to create ships that from the top looked exactly like the icons from the game, with minor changes.

I also wanted to create the actual aliens that would drive these ships and wanted them to look nice, perhaps even cute, to make the audience sort of feel for these fellas. I wanted to use an old character as a base, and continue with a similar design. I did not have time to create any of these characters.

I looked up how I could utilize and base designs off silhouettes and came up with some of the designs below:

While liking this top design more, I wanted to stay strict to the classic silhouette of the invader and went with the beneath design as a base.

And so the modelling started! I blocked out the silhouette and then tried to figure out how I could detail it to look less… blocky.

Having spent in total maybe around twelve hours the deadline was getting too close and I realized I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole hangar including different ships and the whole armada outside including the cannon.

I ended up creating a quick outline for the hangar looking out over a couple of duplicate ships just to show the perspective that I was looking for.

Maxiumum images because I’m a new user, so only links above.

Can fix a turntable for later.

So yeah, it was crazy to even try accomplishing this in the last couple of days and I definately want to finish this.

I learnt a lot from this though and it was fun! Will definately try to join more of these challanges!


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