HMC #45 - Pokemon


Hey everyone,

I decided to do a scene from one of the pokemon games. Something like Ash with one or more of his pokemons.

I haven’t decided yet if I want to model them completely realistic, although this would be a really nice challenge and really interesting, or if I stay more in the 3D look.

I’ll post some references and more ideas later.



You may have seen these already but I love Arvalis’ interpretations.



yes I saw them already, but thank you very much :slight_smile: that’s actually exactly the look I want to have. Now I only have to decide with which one I will start. There are too many :slight_smile:



Hey everyone,

I decided to start with blastoise and so I did a very rough mood board, to collect some ideas. The drawings are only a very quick simple sketch of front and side view.

Now I will start with the modeling :bounce:

Have a nice day




I started to model the body to get my basic mesh for sculpting. It is still not done, but you can already see where it is heading. I decided not to use a real turtle head as it is looking really strange. So I am more staying with a bullied version.


Hi everyone,

here is another update on my blastoise. I put him into pose and started to sculp in some more proportions etc. I am still not so happy with the head. It is looking a little bit bird like. So I think I have to find a better balance.



Some work on the shell.


Currently I am sculpting in the overall form of blastoise. Here I did some more work on the shell.


I think this is looking great.
You’re right about the head it needs a more turtle like appearance but you’re headed in the right direction.



interesting work like your Turtok dino Pokemon.

Stay tuned!


Thanks you two :slight_smile:

I started to model the right arm. Still not exactly the way I want it to look. As the arms are very short and thick, the muscles are more wide than long. It is really a balancing thing to get the overall shape and strength right. So if anyone has some tips for me, they are more than welcome :wink: I want him to look strong but not the way, that you are only seeing the muscles.

And I am just realising, that the line on the lower arm is looking really strange. I am going to change it later.

But here is another update


and another update. I made the look of the muscles smoother, because I am going to put a skin structure on the arms.

As well as I started with the basic form of the legs and the canons on his back.


Hi anna,

not lose heart, search again Concepts fromblastoise

and you can find a correct proportion for you good model.
Your first Scatch from front - right side is the result your

output model and i think this disabled your structure on the arms how you think.

sorry for my Eng. have a nice day.


I think snapping turtles might be a nice reference for you, like this guy.
The arm muscles look a bit strange to me. If I were you I would take a look at turtle muscles and extrapolate based on that.

I like the head so far, I would say just keep referencing other animals to get it to “feel” the way you want it to.


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