HMC #45 Mega Man X


Hi everyone!
I decided to participate in this challenge for the first time nervous
My choice is Sting Chameleon , one of the mini boses


Very WIP
Any critique is welcome


Modeling phase completed


Great wip, stay tuned!


I am trying to find some nice HDRI map and adjust lighting.
Yeah, i’m not in a very good relationship with render:(


Welcome to CGTalk. Great job.
Well, is there anything you want critique on? Looks like you are practically done.


My beauty renders still look to ugly to post them here, so i’ll post an Ambient occlution render here for now :stuck_out_tongue:
AO always looks so cool


well, I know time is up for posting final images, but i’ll live this one beauty render here. Not for challenge.
Maybe next time i will meet the deadlines…


Hi Abakari,
I think you are posting in time and there should be still some time left, the challenge was extended for another week so the deadline is today! You’ve done great job! The mesh is looking nice also. Maybe I would just add some more edge loops to even the topology more, but it is just my preference, and because it’s hard surface it really don’t mather. Btw the foots and coloration reminds me about Buzz Lightyear :).


Woah, that’s awesome if the challenge was extended!
So here we go:
Front view

Back view



And top view

Maya + V-ray approximately 20-25hours of work


If you have not done so, it is time to post:
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