HMC #45 - Maniac Mansion


Hi there!
I’ll model the Edison’s mansion from the graphic adventure Maniac Mansion.

Some early concept art by Ron Gilbert, one of the game’s programmers

The game map, I’ll only do the mansion’s exterior and inmediate sorroundings, but this gives some idea of certain areas not seen in the external views of the mansion.


Initial block out, tried to match the internal layout as much as possible with the external views (the internal layout doesnt really makes sense, and has an extra floor)



I like your inspiration of the mansion and your start!


Thanks Tombery!
So far Im advancing slowly, but I hope to build more momentum as I go.


Roof Tiles! Roof tiles everywhere!
Glad to be done with this part of the house, it had grow tiresome.

(Click for full size)

Been having problems to render this in Cycles, Blender 2.75a would crash to desktop most of the times. Blender 2.69 works ok, but is much slower.


If you have not done so, it is time to post:
HCR Modeling # 44: Iconic Moments in Gaming POST YOUR FINAL ENTRY


Sorry Roberto, real life got in the way, didnt advance more with this challenge, plus there must be something wrong with the project file because it was just getting harder and harder get it to render.

PD: But will be here for the voting :slight_smile: