HMC #45 - Final Fight


Hi, as long as I remember this was the game that I most played in the arcades. I also remember the day I gained this game in the Christmas for the old super famicon (the japanese version of the super nintendo)

I will try to create everything that inspired me in that time, the elements from the scenes and also characters. Specially Cody, my favorite.

I also tried to make a Final Fight scene when I was starting studing 3D in 2002. Take a look:

Let`s see what I can do now :slight_smile:


And here are the references that I will use:


Just making some elements in proportion to teste some cameras and light. This time I will focus more on the enviroment, I will let the character for the end.


I turned off the textures just to see how the models look. Just in the begging, a lot thing to do.

I am really happy to make this scene.


it looks really nice already


Thanks Anna1

Just having some fun with textures and render. I think I will start the character soon because I already have tome type of enviroment for this scene. Of course it needs the phone booth, some tires and boxes.


I started with the legs and shoes this time. I want a very strong leg, I will try to make some changes in the design but keeping the same essence. This character will have big arms and powerful chest. Modeling in 3Ds Max.


Making the upper part.


I will add a lot details now before going to face.


I will make some revisions in the character but maybe when I finish the face. For now, these are the details we can see.


Some more updates and details


bandage and hand details


I think the overall look of the character is fine. But I am sure I will have to make some little adjustments in the final pose. Next step will be the hair.


One more update.


One more update. Now I will put the bones to make the pose and insert the character in the scene.


More tests, now with textures.


I love that you modeled him with those crazy wide proportions from the game. He is super thick!
Also I forgot he was originally a brunette. They switched him to blonde in Street Fighter Alpha III.


Thanks WyattHarris, the idea of volume from final fight characters is insane. I think I will leave the upper part 10% smaller so he get big legs like in the game, maybe I can put the hands a little bigger too. Let`s see.

I would like to show you this process when I take note about the corrections I can make and how I can improve the composition. I am making some tests with poses and proportions, I will post soon.


And here you can see some options about the proportion and a new action pose that I actually really prefer.


Wow love your modeled too,
i feel the need your version of final fight to play!