HMC #41 - Thundercats Hoooooooo!


I was totally unsatisfied with how my Cheetara turned out in the 80s challenge. It just all imploded at the end. So this time, no fooling around, I’m making as many Thundercats as I can as they originally appeared in the 1985 Rankin/Bass cartoon.

One, maybe two, slight little problems. I had kept my Wacom pen in my bag I take with me to work and the screw tip at the end has a huge crack in the plastic. Hopefully I can repair that with superglue. I’ll find out tonight. Second, work just potentially got as busy as it can be. Like a few months worth of extra work so we shall see. But you know, we live in the dynamesh world now, anythings possible. :smiley:


Cheetara, Mistress of Speed
Again, I’m going to start with Cheetara and the same pose. All new assets this time though.


Good luck Wyatt! I remember your Cheetara from last time, will be cool to see how much you’ve learned! I’m hoping to join up on this too…


Murderface! Well, hopefully I’ve picked up a few things. :smiley:

Putting everyone together to see how I want the final comp to be. A few screencaps from the intro.

The finals will be something a bit more epic I hope.

Hehe, I dug this old concept up from the 80s challenge.


much fun and inspiration Wyatt!

this “sexy Cheetara in the same pose” going very intresting, Good luck.


Oh man. Another one of my faves from childhood. I love that pose you chose for Cheetara…Will be keeping a close eye on this progress fer sure.

Also…I hope you sorted out the Wacom pen.


Yep, good to go. A little bit of Superglue did the trick. I suppose some of you have nervous twitches and things you do while working. I’m constantly taking the pen apart and putting it back together while I’m thinking of the next stroke or whatever. Can’t do that anymore. :argh:

Anyway, got my basemesh good to go and my polygroups mapped out.

Tonight’s progress. I’m not going to get too much more detailed than this before sorting out the clothes. Next I’ll start on the face. I’m trying out a new process I got from Jonathan Brandao’s timelapse on ZBrushCentral the other day. Hopefully I won’t back myself into a corner. :smiley:


Hey WyattHarris… awesome start!.. have an issue with the upper back though. Think more definition of the scapula would help establish it. Just my 2 cents though!


I Like the block out… looking forward to your progress! oh thanks for sharing the time lapse! inspirational stuff there!


Thanks Marcus. Thanks Vikram, I’ll get it fixed.
The weekends here, so hopefully I’ll get plenty done today but in the meantime ZBRUSH 4r7 wooooooooooo!


Wait wha!? R7!!!


Block out is good. Its nice to see people working this way, prelim stuff done first and highlighted to show all the process. I like the anime feel sofar. Don’t over do it on the muscles, she is wearing skintight so everything will be smoother.




Hey man, I keep coming here checking for updates…what gives ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah about that, work got crazy. :smiley:
I ended up working about 60 hours overtime the last couple weeks so haven’t really had a chance to touch this project. But that’s all done so I should be able to get back at it this weekend.


Okay I couldn’t leave it hanging like that. :smiley:
I had this notion that if I let this slide anymore I wouldn’t work on it at all so here is tonight’s progress. Got all of the clothes setup and ready for sculpting so I’m ready for the weekend. Also did a little work on her face. A bit longer and her features a bit more slender. I’m putting that off until later though so I don’t get bogged down in details too soon.

Great advice Rob, I needed that. I’m sitting there scrutinizing everything like I always always do and making no progress when I read this again. It’s like duh, none of this is going to be visible, get a move on! :beer:

Take it easy


Awww yeah…That familiar iconic outfit.
Yaaay Progress :applause:
Can’t wait to see what the weekend brings :smiley:


Nice work! Her eye shape seems a little slanted weird, maybe a little too far apart also but could just be the angle of your render…anyway, excited to see your progress!


Looking good. Agree with the eye comment, its rotated about a sixth too much.


The pose is very athletic and even just blocked out looks great. Nice model so far!