HMC #38 - Skeletons in studio


I want to do 1 or 2 of the skeletons from jason and the argonauts but in the process of being sculpted sitting on Ray’s workbench. I dont know if that’s exactly whats intended for this challenge in terms a character IN a film, but I hope breaking the 4th wall so to speak would still be a viable entry?


What about doing the models with the armature exposed, that would be interesting.


I was thinking something along those lines, in the creation phase. Does anyone know how the models were made? Clay figures? Injections made from mold?


I was thinking something along those lines, in the creation phase. Does anyone know how the models were made? Clay figures? Injections made from mold?


I think that is a brilliant idea. Can’t say I know how they were made but I’m sure I’ll come across that info sometime during this challenge.


My copy of “An Animated Life”(signed by the man himself!) is in storage right now(moving house sadly), but I do remember the armatures for the 7th Voyage/Jason skeletons were something like cotton wool wrapped around the armature in some kind of glue or liquid. Because of this the skeletons have been well preserved over the years.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


I was tempt to choose skeletons, because it’s a great way to study anatomy too. But Hey good choice!


Wow thats not at all what I would expect, I wonder how you get small scale details like sculpting the skull if its essentially made of cloth. I’m going to have to do some more research


It seems you’re right boone, found in interesting thread discussing the skeletons and it seem like there were sculpted right over the armature and built up using cotton dipped in rubber and liquid latex. Seems pretty incredible to make a model that way. Anyway if anyone wants to read over this wealth of information here’s the thread:

Oh and also this is a pretty god damn amazing gif


Mann Stopmotion is an art of patient :wink:


Man I was looking all over for that gif for you but you found it first. :smiley:
That time lapse is the coolest version of watching him work I’ve ever seen.


You’re not kidding, I could even imagine animating like this. No key frames, no tweening, and most of all no Ctrl+Z… how the hell do you plan a move, articulate each appendage the exact right amount, keep track of each moving pieces trajectories AND get it right every time without being able to go back.

Pretty god damn nifty, makes you appreciate the art even more.


Yeah, stop motion is physically exhausting under lights and for some reason, neck-ache is a constant problem, and one can be dehydrated in no time! Its something you have to experience at least once…

Here was a test I made in a freezing cold garage a few years back…

…I do recommend trying it out just to know how it feels, and how highly skilled harryhausen, Peterson, Danforth etc really were.


Been really busy and havent had much time to work on this challenge but started to dig in today a bit.

Uploaded with


Ah cool, nice start.


Great work so far! The only thing I am seeing is the shape of the ribcage and the angle of the clavicle seem to be a bit off.

The rib cage has a more tear drop shape and the clavicle is almost completely horizontal when the shoulders are not raised.


Thanks tucker, I definitely have to reshape the rib cage a bit but im not so sure about the clavicle. Looking at alot of pics of the real models and they seem to have exaggerated features. My clavicle is prob a little too high but it kind of seems it’s raised more so than an anatomically correct skeleton.


Yea, i guess when I see the clavicles raised it makes me think of an action pose or raised arms.


i see your point, probably have him bent down a bit though anyway so hopefully it will look right


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