HMC #38 - Medusa - Airflow


Hi all. Had to show up for this. Will try my best to finish this time. I think this coincides with my girlfriends holiday, so if luck is on my side I should be fine.
Will start with a head sculpt to get my bearings. Looking for ref which I will upload in the ref area.


O’k. First sketch. I am kinda going for Beauty and horror at the same time. Sketch took about 30 mins from Mudbox standard base bust.
A lot to do. Started off trying to keep features of the 80’s creature, but dialed them down somewhat, went to a base female position will try to bring them back in and keep it relatively pretty.


A good choice and one I know you will do well with.

However, do bare in mind that Harryhausen’s Medusa is not meant to be “beautiful”. She was once beautiful but not any more. She is up there with Carpenter’s Thing for being hideous.

That said, I think it would be interesting to try and imagine Medusa in her human form, working back from the Harryhausen design. I’ve always loved Masamune Shirow’s intron depot imagining of Medusa, and think it would be great to see her in that way. Maybe, Medusa is in the moment of being transformed? Her horror of seeing her beauty being lost in a skin of scales?

Just a few ideas, though. As always I look forward to your final piece.


That’s a good idea. Thanks. Looks like I will do a kind of transformation scene. Maybe one snake tail and three bodies coming out of it, kind of melded together. Having the faces reflect the changes.


Just collecting some ref which I will post later. Going to do a bit of concept art also to try to cover what I will be making.


God speed my friend. I really cannot wait to see the finished piece. I reckon it will be an interesting image to go alongside your Mumm-Ra and Ragnarok images.


Last post today.

Shows the body splits into three. First is Pain- here she is very beautiful still, maybe her hair has already begun to change. Second is the beginning of her change, third is her changed and hunting. I may have her with the bow lowered but ready. Maybe a snarl for the last one.


The concept looks solid. I think you are on to a winner. :arteest:


Thanks. Will start blocking out in the evening. Will be using Zbrush for the modelling, Mudbox for the texturing and maybe 3dsmax or C4d for final renders.


Rob, what is the meaning of this? Cinema4D? When did this happen? :eek:


Wow… looking good so far. Are you going to retopologize it in zbrush after sculpting?


Boone: Have to keep up with the times man. It has a decent render engine. Thinking Particles, Vray and Mograph.

MissOptimist: Thanks, I will sculpt it in Zbrush, and possibly retopo in Topogun. Or Bring the Highres into Mudbox and Rebuild Levels to get the ability to continue sculpting and texturing in that.

Tiny Update.


Aye, Rob. C4D has been a pleasure to try out on many an occasion. Kinda like a super version of Realsoft3D, which is…still around? Wow. Is C4D seeing more action in the industries these days?

Nice start to her body, Rob.


Why do you prefer to use Topogun? Is it easier to retopologize with that software? I’m curious because I have never used Topogun.


You can retopo pretty easily. I generally will use Topogun or Wrapit (for 3dsmax) for retopo.
Zbrush is too fiddly. Also Topogun can reproject onto the new mesh.


Rob, is it better to sculpt first then retop, or create a low-poly first with good topology and then do sculpting?

Is one approach outdated or does it depend on the project’s needs?


Low poly to sculpt is redundant. Sometimes edge loops can effect your sculpt. Less so remeshing in zbrush. But it’s not so important. You can build up creatures with remeshing and inserting primitives, sculpting, remeshing, and so on. Once you have your finished sculpt, you can uvmaster for textures, or output to mud box.


Some people prefer low poly then sculpt. They are better and faster at it and it gives you more control of your base cage.

I am not so I prefer sculpt then retopo. :smiley:


I’m just stuck in a rut as I’ve no sculpting experience, save for some sampling of TrueSpace and Sculptris…oh, and ZBrush. I must address that after this challenge… o_O


Hi Airflow

great start