Hmc#38 - Centaur


Hi all.

I will start in next time with Centaur, so long In the time looking for referencen.

Edit: I will refer this to me.


The Centaur…love the way he dies - such a drama queen. Should have got the Academy Award for best supporting actor of 1973. :smiley:


Got any decent ref yet?


I’ve started the first time in Silo, everything has worked well, have fun in.


It warms my heart to meet another Silo user! :beer:

Hugs and handshakes aside, that’s a good start. Only thing I can spot is some triangles in the mesh(back of the hand, around the back thigh), but I reckon you already have them in check.

Looking forward to your next update. :cool:


Hi Boone Thanks for commend.
I have in blender Cracy retopology, and a little problem with the Mirrow…
maybe I’ll go back to silo if it starts properly again. :slight_smile:

In last step i go in new Zbrush, I’m looking forward.


Very nice. :cool:

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Its a small update:


Looking good!

Still, look on the bright side - you only have one eye to model! :slight_smile:


I’m still juggle the process from proportion, now is this Zbrush work.


Lovely! Keep going. :cool:


I try to go as far in this challange as the time ranges.


I worked on it a little further:


Looking sexy! :cool:


Looking good. I personally am bad at hair so I don’t know how you fix it, but the hair is looking a little to uniform at the moment. I would try to get some clumping going on to make it look a bit more natural.


Thanks for feedback.
I have again replaced new hair from FiberMesh.

Small fun cartoon shot.


Here are the last Final pictures.
I have tried to Rig the Body, Unfortunately that didn’t quite work in time.


thank everyone who was present at the challenge.


Beauty Render:

Orthographic views:



Now that is a good effort. I really like that. :thumbsup:


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