HMC #36 - Hollywood Dream Machines: The Munster Koach


I’m going to model the Munster Koach from the 1960s U.S. TV series, “The Munsters”. This car was built by George Barris from three Ford Model T bodies. Although there aren’t specific blueprints for the Koach itself, there are many photos of restorations of the original Koach and at least two other replicas.

I remember seeing ads for the model kit in comic books when I was a kid (giving away my age!), but I never got to build it then, so I’m going to try it now.


Fantastic choice. It would be great to see how you do the modeling. So much detail, hope there is enough time.
Good luck!!


The car was at metallica’s orion festival over the summer, grabbed this photo. Maybe some detail there you can use for ref.

Have a few pics of grandpas dragula also if you need them.


Thanks for the reference! I’ve found a lot of photos, just not orthographic views or blueprints. I’ve started the frame and body already - here are a couple of screenshots:

Frame Top:

Frame Side:


The front tires are pretty much done, the main body and doors are roughed in, and I worked on the center compartment today (the part with the windows). Next, I’ll work on the top of the center compartment.

Shaded render:



[b]Front Wheels:


[b]Center Compartment:



Loved this car growing up. Right up there with the Batmobile. Looking good so far.


Thanks, Wyatt! I haven’t posted many WIP images lately, but I have been working on it, honest!

Latest full view:

I’ve finished the back seat and the coachman’s seat.


Here’s the center seat.


Finally got it done Monday, but since the final entry thread isn’t up, I hadn’t posted my images yet. So here goes:

Beauty render:

Link to large beauty render
Link to turntable video (Vimeo)

Orthographic views - Shaded:



Here are the ortho wireframes:


Here are some additional detail views:



Skull hood ornament:

Inside the center compartment:

Barris Kustom Badge close-up:


Great job! Have always loved this barris creation, nice job with the upholstery.
My only gripe is wishing there was more detail in the engine. The 289 cobra engine is too cool looking. Otherwise very nice job, you nailed all the details perfectly!


Great finish Cindy. I love this ride, you did a great job.


nice work on the cushion


Thanks! I would like to do more detail on the engine, but a lot of the reference photos I could find look like a tangled mess to me. :slight_smile: Also, the deadline was coming up, but it looks like Roberto may extend it, so there might be more time after all.


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