HMC #36 - Ecto 1, I love the 80s!


Last Update:

I’m going to attempt Ecto 1 for this challenge. Just Ecto 1 and not 1a from Ghostbusters 2 or 1b from the video game.

From the Wiki:
“The Ecto-1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura (limousine style windows) Duplex (hearse / ambulance combination) used in the 1984 film Ghostbusters and other Ghostbusters fiction.”

If I can finish this guy up, I’ll attempt to turn it into an 80s tribute with a few other choice vehicles from the time period.


Why doesn’t it surprise me you chose this?? Good luck Wyatt! :thumbsup:


Yah! I forgot about this one. One of the most iconic movie car.

Best luck Wyatt, but I know you will do fine


I remember having the toy of this car. I look forward to seeing her as glorious CG as for me the only two cars I can think of that really stands out as unique were Ecto-1 and the 1989 Batmobile.


Thanks fellas, gonna try to get an early jump on this one.

They really had some great concept art in Ghostbusters. I don’t think I could get better. Quick look up gave me the dimensions so I’m good to go.

So, first task is to model a 1959 Miller-Meteor Futura Ambulance.
Second task, convert it into Ecto1. :smiley:

Here we go!


and your scene is set…Jump on it…Good luck Wyatt


Cant wait to see how this turns out. Really was considering doing the ecto 1 but I thought there would be a few people doing it. Good luck though :slight_smile:


Updates, Updates, Updates.


So here’s a funny thing, after doing CG work for 15 years I realized I’ve never actually modeled a car before. Plenty of spaceships, but never a car. I’m kind of impressed with how much detail is in just the base car body. Details that you would normally not worry about on a spaceship and just use greebles, nurnies and spaceship hull textures to finish it up.

Having said that, I realize that while the concept art was good for getting the layout and general approximations of the car it really wasn’t that accurate. So I searched all over for photos of either Ecto1 or a 1959 Futura but orthos of those are pretty hard to come by. But what I did find were some really high quality shots of fully restored Futuras. Looking at those I realized that the 1959 Cadillac De Ville has the exact same body style, minus the ambulance area and I found this:

I started on the model twice and both times really didn’t like what I was getting so I stopped and really analyzed the refs and my third attempt is coming out much better. Not much to show yet, I should have something today… maybe. :smiley:


Cool infos, me too never model a car. I start a Helicopter but never finish it.

Good use of an other car. Can’t wait to see your progress


i havent done a car for year and years…5 at least…

i just wish i had time for this one…


Alright finally making some progress here. Spent way too much time on surfaces and rendering today. Surfaces are close but still temporary, need to finish more car before I know for sure. Lighting is done by sibl. Hood is mostly done except for some decorative chrome. Still working out the fender but I should have it tomorrow. I took off this week so I should have plenty of time.



I tought it was ref photo man. Your good at render


Thanks Scote! I’ve used the car paint shader before but it’s amazing how hard it is to get white car paint to look right without being blown out.


How is that HOOD floating in the scrap yard like that LOL- JK very nice!


this is looking suweeett! Can’t wait for more updates :smiley:




are those renders using sIBL Wyatt? only just discovered it myself and itching to try it out!


@TheNeverman - Yeah yeah, I’m working on it. :smiley:

Yes, it’s a very easy plugin to setup. And once it’s working you just pick an environment and 1-click later all of the HDR lighting is setup.

Man, there are a lot of curves to work out. Finally starting to get the hang of it but the body around the headlights is tricky. Should be easier once I finish that.


Are you box modeling this Wyatt or extruding from curves?