HMC #33 - Tank!


I’ll attempt all of Bebop in some form or another. I was trying to find some good poses from the opening but it’s really stylized. Maybe I’ll just go with the below image.

We’ll see, these things tend to scale back towards the end. :smiley:


Sweet choice, Wyatt! Looking forward to your progress.



Cool, I too wait to see what you come up with.


Felix, Robert - Thanks guys, should be fun. Good luck to you too.

Talk about timing. Just got ZBrush4r2B installed. Realtime anime hair! :smiley:


Good luck man =P You got alot of work to do!


Yes! Started playing fibermesh last night too. Kamaji’s mustache will now be possible for the same reason that your sphere has an awesome head of hair!


Sounds like a perfect use for it too.

Some refs I’m using.

The first 2 I’m using to block out the shape and the final pose will be some form of all 3.

Spent most of the night tweaking the length of his legs and arms, odd proportions.
So far the fibermesh is producing very frizzy results. Tried experimenting with getting it to clump better. The clump brush doesn’t exactly fix it.


I persevere, but it may be easier to deform a mesh with the snake hook brush for this. nice start.


Yeah, that’s the fall back position.


Messed around with fibermesh while at work today. It dawned on me that I should try the regular brushes and not just the Groom brushes. What do you know, way more control. The Groom brushes seem really specific to a situation but then I may be doing it wrong.

The results are much better using BPR. You don’t get any smoothness on the fiber until you switch it on. Unfortunately, I set the root width very wide but I didn’t get those wide fibers while editing, only after BPR render. That will take some getting used to.


Looks nice, but you would need proper clumping for his hair, prolly better to do it in a 3d package.


Airflow - Yeah, I think you may be right.

Finally had some time to work on him. Spike has got a weird physique.
Still blocking in forms and a basic start on the face. I wish Dynamesh held details a little better but other than that I love this feature.


Its getting there. I think you need to maybe try to get the major forms down first for his face.
I think it is already detailed right now. I would just work on getting it to resemble a 45 degree ref image, and use over layed ref if you have to.


Dynamesh of Spike’s head.


Hey man!

Saw you post minuts ago, and did this for you =)

The nose, in the green ball,goes more inside! The point of the nose is more up! The cheeks are more rounded, so is the chin! The eyes are more straight lines then rounded lines. The ears are more salient

When you smooth in zbrush, which means, when you click shift, continue smoothing but realease the shift key. Doing this, will remove those small bumps caused by the 5+6 pointed vertexs! =P

good luck with your sculpting =D


Maybe move back the eyes


Thx Scote, didnt notice that =P Yep, back the eyes!


I really like how new Zbrush make the hair…cool result for you


Is the new version of ZBrush really crashy for anyone else? I keep having problems when I go to save and I get these really cryptic errors then the program dies. Really slowing me down, I’ve redone the head 3 times now.


I say roll back to r2 if it helps.