HMC #33: Masters Of Anime - Katsuhiro Otomo


I haven’t decide yet what i am going to model but here are a few reference images that im intrested.



I love love love Steamboy, but that M. C. Escheresque picture with the robot is awesome.


I love Tetsuo on his throne, but For the variety of fabrics I will go Steamboy!

You should try the pose of the left of your picture. Dynamic!


Thanksyou guys for the coments.

I really like the version of the MC Escher’s -Hand with Reflecting Sphere- But I dont know if is against the rules, since is not from any movie :shrug:.but I really would like to model it

I was thinking to make steamboy too cause is realy cool and I think i can do a decent job.


I’m going to model steamboy, if i have time, i will try to do more stuff
luckily I found some really helpfull sketches from the movie


and here is a little update.
im doing the mechanical suff first.

I’m using Blender. rendering with Cycles


Nice start.
I have already done the Akira poster on another thread, think it was the 80’s cartoons.


Thanks airflow. I would like to see that thread.

Here is a little update.

I was trying to use the sculp feature in Blender but that was a pain so i did a base model of the gloves and exported to zbrush. just to see how it is going to look


I really like what you got so far. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.


Thanks simoncini.

here is another update.

since the mehcanical parts are almost finished i started to model the other acsesories on zbrush



I’m excited about your work… More WIP!!!

an you rename your threat? many just have the artist name, but not the character in it


thanks for the coment, i have been a little busy but i will have some free time this month to finish the model. expect more wip soon


Glad to here it, I’m too another on looker, standing by to be dazzled :smiley:
You working from a fine concept and it has a lot of potential.


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