HMC #30: Classic Movie Poster: The Exorcist


Interesting! Chaplin was also my first choice.
My 2nd choice is the one movie that haunted me as a teenager for many years. Good opportunity to get it out of my system:

The most fun part is usually the researching. What kind of car can you spot in the driveway? Can I find good pictures of the haunted house? Should I add a twist to the composition?

Anyways: Here’s what I got so far:


Great pic!

I live about two miles from the spot where the house used to be When I have chance I can take some pics of the spot.


That would be fantastic!
Thanks for the offer.


you have the perfect textures income lol


Been terribly busy the last week. Anyways, I managed to do some more work.
I added some more details, props and some rough lighting setup to the scene:

I read the FQA again and noticed that we have to re-cast the main character. Freaky, since I already started modeling Father Merrin.

So… I’ll try to merge The Exorcist and Ghostbusters. Here’s a first draft of Bill Murray and the proton pack:

While I was browsing for Ghostbusters I found a pic online. Looks like somebody already did a photoshop job with Bill Murray in front of the Exorcist house. No surprise, really. I decided to go for it nonetheless. My scene will look different.


Just to clarify, I believe the recast the role statement is optional, you don’t have to do it. Having said that I love the idea, that proton pack is a great start.


You will have extra points for recasting and this is an original mix.

But like Wyatt said it’s Optional


nice choice and great progress!


I like the concept and the work you done so far, looking forward to some more.


Ha… the best two hours I had in a while!


hehehe (souvenir)

where to you want to put it?


He’ll be peeping through the top left window to see what all the fuzz is all about.


I saw that in Ghostbusters if I’m not wrong…hehe.
I like foliage’s silhouette .


UV mapped most of the geo, applied normal maps, skins.
Tweaked lighting and material settings.
Here’s a test render:

I want to turn it into a real, shabby looking movie poster with scratches, bleached out colors. One you’d imagine finding in an old archive of a small-town movie theater that still plays The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Oh that is great, really great twist on the original. Now you’ve got to figure out how to have the eerie, stark lighting from the original while still showing off all of your detail.

Here’s an idea for you if you have time. Show Ecto 1 parked in the street on the right side of the image. Maybe just the front end of it.


That sounds like a very cool idea. Thanks!


This wasn’t an easy model. I only modeled the backside of the car since it’s got the Ghostbusters logo on the trunk.
When I placed the model I realized that something happened with the composition. The main focus shifted to the right side of the final render. That’s not what I want.
So you’ll only see a small part of the car - the logo is only visible if you take your time and look at some of the details.

(some parts not skinned yet)

I’m almost done with the final beauty render. There’s still some time left… so maybe I’ll add something else. An idea was to UV the final render to either a poster that’s hanging in a movie theater lobby or to turn it into an actual DVD cover. We’ll see.


I did some mock-ups (having the poster hanging in a theater lobby). Looked kinda neat. So the next thing I’ll do is recreate some of the most iconic scenes of the movie and have them as photos next to the poster.


I like how Stay-Puft is looking over to Venkman… “Let’s do this!”



Look the final look.