HMC #30 : classic movie poster : A Nightmare On Elm Street


Hello everyone !

I’m a fun of horror movie’s so at first i was wondering between Dracula and
Frankenstein and at last i decided to pick my favorite : Freedy Crueger
from A Nightmare On Elm Street .

I’m wondering between two version of final image :
the first one if i won’t find enough time :

the seconed one which seems to me more challanging since its a full body :

i hope its enough classic like Flash Gordon , Dracula or King Kong :slight_smile:

best of luck to everyone !


suscribed, This is really great!, I was in the same dilemma, Love the pose and expression in second Poster, hope you have time for this!


greenpizza - i think i will do the seconed poster as well .
i find exectly the time to enter this hardcore modeling challange
before someone else will take my favorite character from classic movie
i hope to make a nice tribute for Freedy :slight_smile:

I start with the head , since everything should began from scratch i decided
to start with Zsphere .
i divided the mesh 7 times with around 1.5 milion polygons , took me around 2.5 hours

after got a nice silhouette i start rebuild the head model with retopology function

i still have to do some improvement on the model but those minor changes i’ll do in Maya

after the head is finished i can start blocking the shirt , pans , claws etc .


after finish the model of the head in Zbrush i start to play with the propotion and fix
the topology in some area that was wrong .
now the mesh is all quad with the right propotins .

after i’m pretty glad with how its come i start blocking the shirt , pants and hands
here a screen shot how i start the hand :

the pants and shirt were done in the same technique


start with adding detail to the face and "burn " it
i’m pretty enjoy it :slight_smile:

also start adding detail to the shirt

comment and critique are welcome


Look to me that his face is too large and his neck.

Otherwise, good job



The teeth look amazing :slight_smile:

Can I ask how you did such a good job of making a big blocky hand into the lovely looking thing in the hi poly version?

I really need to learn how to model hands :slight_smile:


Scote - thanks for the critique ! you are right ! it seems that the neck is to bulky and the head
also . i all ready change it , update soon !

Integrated - thanks dude ! glad you like it !
honestly i saw a few images of Freedy and his teeth on those images looks smal & rotten .
i didn’t know yet how to make them .

about the hand :
it was very easy task actually , first i intend to make the best propotion using image from
3Dsk and i use Create polygons face in maya to block the hand .

after i got the exact silhoutte i extrude the all hand and start play with it in zbrush with inflat brush .

the low poly hand looks like this which pretty far from being realistic but it have the correct propotions . since the hand have pretty dence edge loops in zbrush i only have to divide it once or two and most of the job was smoothing in the right places .

the high poly looks like this right now , no wrinkles between finger bones or nails just a few wrinkle to get the right feel of the hand .

i guess it was pretty good if i would save the all process but i don’t , it you want i can share the basemesh from Maya to the community . it will be a pleasure :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your reply, it’s a very interesting way of making an easy high poly hand. I may give that a shot in future.


Huh, that’s an interesting technique. May have to try it one day.


I had pretty rough week , without time to continue the challange .
in the spare time i found time to finish the shoe’s and the glove/claw

the shoe’s preview :

and the sculpting process , i add some folds and stitches in right places

i still have to make them look much more older and ruin at some area like i started in the front of the shoe’s .

the claw build in Maya and export to Zbrush , i still have to add more details :

also start add detail to the pants :

more update very soon !


i was a couple of days very busy so i didn’t find the time to upgrade my model .
i start posing the model and change a lot all over .
i still have to change and refine some object and rebuild other’s

here is what i get so far :

comment are welcome .



I see proportion problem. Miners. Shoulder is to big and the knees don’t match the picture one.

But the face and hands are really nice


So Good! I’m really glad to see your progress on him, it is nearly finished, love the face. :cool:


glad you like the new update !

i hope to do the best and finalize every minor problem and propotion .

greenpizza - when its seems to be almost finish you find a bunch of thing
don’t match the real Freedy , hope to fix every thing .

Scote - thanks for mention the shoulder and legs problems .
i’ll fix them .

hope to update today or tommorow , on sunday i’m gonna be busy from what i can see now



my personal trick is to match both in photoshop on each other for being able to see the difference between the two


thanks Scote !

i do the best that i can , i find that i need more time but dead line is dead line :slight_smile:
i prefer to submit what i have instead of not submited at all .
after all i quite pleased with the final and i enjoy from the challange itself , i learn a lot and that was the purpose

anyway i didn’t find time yesterday to unwarp all the parts of the model and give a nice render within Maya so i render with Zbrush even that i don’t use it for render .
i hope all the specific files are here , if something is missing let me know .

cheers !

here it is …


i prefer to submit what i have instead of not submited at all .
after all i quite pleased with the final and i enjoy from the challange itself , i learn a lot and that was the purpose

You are bang on sqwark. Those are very wise words indeed. I love your freddy model, even though it’s too bad you couldn’t complete it. At least you have an excellent sculpt you can display on your portfolio, as well as the invaluable experience that comes with these challenges.

So, yeah, Awesome! Freddy!



Thank you Rage ! glad you like how it comes in the final !
i thought maybe give another day or two and complete where i could improve my model
even that the challenge over but since in the last few days I gave every minute for this challenge i have to rest a couple of days .


actually I’m looking for a new challenge/contest , those challenges motivate me :slight_smile:


I will vote for you. Nice work in the details