HMC 29: Sci-fi Icon - Scarlett Johansson from Iron Man 2


yeah this is my first time here… so wish me luck .
I’m going to pick Scarlett Johansson from Iron man 2, she is like the prettiest actress i’ve ever seen.
Maybe in the future i’ll act with her in my own movie but now i’m gonna sculpt her…


she’s hot :bowdown: …good luck



Good luck!

Best regards,


Thank’s guys here is my base mesh i recently finished used maya, don’t be shocked there are so many things to do…
so i’ll begin to sculpt…


Hello again …
am kind of finished the head form and there is so much to do next …
hope you like it .



Base mesh & polygroup.


great likeness…and good luck!


nice update…
it might be the fault with the shader, but you may work on the border of upper lip.


It’s been while since the last update…am still working on body and the face …
maybe i’ll do a little bet nudity pose with here weapon but i think roberto would disagree with me…
or maybe i’ll stick with the fight costume i’m kind of like it .
nothing finished but i should keep u in update.


Looking good, though i don´t feel confortable with the fact that you are making a model of my girlfriend with little cloth on it…i guess i will let you pass this time…but i´m watching you!
Ok now… this is looking very good, great progress and the resemblance is there.

Keep it up.


Excellent work! The only thing that bugs me now is the hairdo, looks like a towel wrapped on her head, other than that, looking close to perfection. :cool:


Thank you guys a lot …

actually there are many costumes that scarlett was wearing iron in man 2 movie.

but i think i’m gonna go with a little bet nudity pose with her gun …
If Roberto let me do it… and please let me.


Looking pretty good I would smooth out the nasolabial folds a bit. They are little to pronounced at the moment I think. I like the hair and would love to see your approach on how you did it.


my image was removed from my host imageshak with no such a warning or an email so shame…
am using now filden for hosting image hopefully it has not been removed …
I think i’m working on how to post an image more than i’m working on my model ,
here is my wip again {and Roberto am sorry for that}.


my only concern is its not really a “black widow” model…just a naked scarlett johanssen with guns…


wow!!! hot!!!
you are not going to make her cloths right??? :drool:
Are you going to give her some skin shader??? :drool::drool::drool:


yah, I think i’m gonna take off this time , it’s been three days with no answer…
beside i don’t wanna make any one uncomfortable here.
thank you guys for supporting and see ya…

And i have word for {cbeese} when you give a comment on something would you please don’t posting a pic and pointing it makes the artist [who that thread for] very uncomfortable…believe me…
but thank’s any way.

And believe if i still on I’d kick your all asses :thumbsup: maybe next time…


sorry dude if it made you feel uncomfortable. I posted the pic becuase I had to google the term to know what it was and wanted you to know what I was talking about. No hard feelings and keep up the good work. Would love to see how you did your hair still.


hey ahmad-ramadan, Cheers…:beer:
you can’t do this, we al get inspired by one another, and especially yours, it is one of the best artworks that is coming up with artistic features, I like the way it is coming out,
Please don’t stop, the Art should not get spoiled, hardly 6 days left for this challenge to get fnished.
Go on man and do wonders with your skills.and keep inspiring others.:thumbsup:
best of luck


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