HMC 29: Sci-fi Icon - Matrix Revolution / Reloaded - APU [Armored Personal Unit]


Hey everyone . I know it’s a bit late , but I’m started the APU from Matrix Revolution and Reloaded . Hope I can finish it until the dateline . So that’s what I wanna make :

And that’s what I have for now (foot of APU):

It’s a strange WIP , cause I don’t have much time :frowning: , but I’m work on it .
Time spent on it : 4Hour (slow or fast ?)


Some Updates .

Hope I can finish the modeling in February . And then I can sculpt some details and make the character too …

And any feedback is always welcomed , also if it’s warm .


Might be a problem as there are no vehicles and it’s not a specific character, but good luck anyway! We’ll see what Roberto says.


Roberto said I can make it . But I’ll drop one character to the cabin . I’m don’t know the name of that character . I have to search for it .

EDIT : The character/guy is named Kid (?) . Here is a screenshot from movie :

He is the guy who open the gate in Matrix Revolution , for the ship , what’s activate the EMI …
I’m chose him because he is 16 years old as I’m right now :smiley: , and that’s enough big reason for me .

And I however post here some updates .
Hope you start like it .


Here I’m with some updates :

That back is really hard part , cause now the movie ain’t so good reference . I needed to check other tributes . But even I made my own .


Very nice work. BTW, the Kid is “the Kid” from Kid’s Story from the Animatrix. Great animation


Oh I didn’t know that…that was a good short, the character in the movie I felt very irritating though.

Great progess on this model! Definitely hardcore!


I tought you will know that: No, Kid you save yourself!


love the technical one, finishes :thumbsup: this.

For more reference:


Hey everyone , thanks for links , really useful references and enjoyable things . I think i should get Animatrix XD

And there is what I have for now : (It’s seems I’m going ahead)

I have to put wires to Arms , change the hydraulic at back , the weapon is just fast draft for now . Than I have to make environment and the Kid , … . So I have many thing to do , until I’m reach my final entry .


There is just a little bit changes . Hope I can finish it until the dateline .

Ned to drop - The Face / Bullets / And Final position .


Started to think about pose :


I can’t finish it how I want . Next time I start it in a time :sad: .


congratz Silard .:wavey:


Thanks Renesh ! All of my respect is yours , and I hope we’ll meet in the next HMC :beer: .
Cant Wait for it !


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