HMC 29: Sci-fi Icon - Ivan Vanko - Iron Man II


Hello everyone, I am making Ivan Vanko, the Russian Villain from the film Iron Man II.

Ivan Vanko is a physicist and ex-convict who builds his own arc reactor-based weapon to exact vengeance on the Stark family.


welcome to cgsociety renesh…
Treat us with your skills.


thanks kyhalbu, this is my first thread in cg society, definitely, i wil giv my best .


Good Luck! Cool idea!


Here i am coming up with my 1st WIP, [head base mesh]


thanks japetus


Nice start dude!Good luck


we know that your out put will definitely extravagant of this man…
hope for the best.Sir



hello all, here is my second update, i m blocking out the whole body, and it will be sculpted later on.


before i get into sculpting, i just wanted to share the body mesh of the character. Hope, i could bring liking in zbrush.:curious:


good going renesh…


yesterday, i was working on topology
added few edge loops on ear.


As i am done with organic part, i m moving towards hard surface modeling.
i will be back with his 1st weapon :surprised


Man, that plastic surgeon really did a number on ol’ Mickey.
Is this a basemesh Renesh, will you be sculpting?


yes, i will be sculpting.


hello …
i am taking a break from organic part for a couple of days. because, i am not able to give a dedicated time for sculpting, till the time, i will b working on his accessories.
here is a small update


Great character and great updates. :slight_smile:


hello all, hope u guys are doing good,
i was sculpting Ivan’s head.
just thought of sharing the wip.
“Comment and critic”.
thank you.


hi renesh…
good going… keep us updating.
ivan Vanko should see this thread…
good luck…


thanks Girish and kyhalbu,
will be back with more stuff soon.