HMC #29: Sci-fi Icon - Frankenstein's Monster redesign


Hi Everyone!

I’m throwing in with my own version of Frankenstein’s Monster. He’s going to have 19th century steam mechanics replacing his guts. The steam powers his lungs and blood circulation. Although he receives regular nutrient injections, he’s having trouble with malnutrition and is wasting away. There will be a coal furnace, tubes and engine in his belly. It’s roughly blocked in now, but will be much more developed as I work on it. I plan an air intake and smokestack as well that will emerge between the clavicles and trapezius muscles. I’m going to work some more on this base mesh and then retopo.

Please let me know what you think!


Nice quick Start, i can’t wait to see more Update. :slight_smile:


Been so busy, not a whole lot of progress. I retopo’d him and started on some of the hard surface stuff. just the water barrel and coal furnace for now. Expect pumps, gauges, tubes, pistons, bellows and chimeny soon. I’m going away for business for a week, so I won’t be able to update for a while. C and C welcome!


For “now and then” is this work very nice progress. I see the detail from Maya… Wow is this Great! :thumbsup:


congrats…ryan… :bowdown:


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