HMC #28: Comic Book Master Tribute -Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn


Couldn’t resist this one!
I’ll try to do something character with Mcfarlane style. . Hope to finish this one on time.


love this.

suscribbled :drool:


looks like this subject is drawing in some strong competiton…should be fun…

this one should come out pretty awesome


I looooove this image :love: - sweet choice


Thaanks for watching guys :wink: and girl !
here is the first wip, the Zsphere basemesh, and a video of the main shapes blocking.
I dont know if i´m going for a realistic or stylized looking on this model yet ;c



I love spawn. One of my favourite cartoon/ish characters!

good luck



good start and thanks for posting the vid, always nice to see how other people work.


thx guys :slight_smile:

i’ll post more videos later.


Great start Mariano!
Good work on the upper body.
His legs look a bit off though…his lower leg is almost just as wide as his upper leg and you might wanna make them a tad more curvy.
Other than that looking good dude


looking good


I’m a big Todd Mcfarlane/Spawn fan. Your project looks awesome and really fun.


WOW! :applause:


thank you guys!
i´m glad you like it!
i’ll post 1 more video of the anatomy blocking tonight


!yrtne looC
nice sculpting… looks awesome already… and u have wip videos as well, spot on!


Coming along really nice dude!
Good work!

Best regards,


Thx guys :smiley:
here is another video of me blocking the anatomy and main shapes.
I’ll probably do a lot of changes along the way, but the base is done.


Nice proportions! Good work mate!:thumbsup:


:drool: awesome …


Thx guys!
Hope to post some more ups tonight :slight_smile:


Great stufs Mariano :buttrock: