HMC #28: Comic Book Master Tribute - Cliff Robinson - Judge Dredd vs Judge Death


Hi all.Here is my first try in this type of challenges.

I don’t know nothing about comic culture but I was searching and I like the style that have these image of Cliff Robinson, that I believe is an artist for a comic called 2000 AD.
I hope that it is in the style of what is asked in this challenge.


I thin it’s “Judge Dredd” … that’s a cool style , too. had some of these when I was younger.

maybe you wanna search for “judge dredd” for additional ref pics if needed. until now looks like a very promissing start. keep up the good work.

for the final I would aim for a cool black and white rendering with hard contrasts to fit the comic ref.



Do you think that I should change the title?

I have many pictures about judge dredd and judge death, that although they are in other styles ,are enough to see details and things that are not visible in this image.

About the final render, I thought this same yesterday and I believe is a good idea.

Some pictures of todays work and apologizes for my bad english.


great eye for detail. I almost didn’t realized this thing on his right shoulder :wink:

looking forward to your progress. keep 'em coming



Thanks Sennie.

A little update and a turntable video.


Working on Judge Dredd.


Judge Dredd finished (or this I think…)


good progress. but I would suggest to give him more muscles / mass on his upper legs (thighs) and a bit more definition. at the moment it looks like a young boys leg. this is a grown men fighting for law and order. I would expect him to have a bit more musle do to this :wink:

other than that I liek it very much,



Magnificent! Looks like they stepped off the page!


Thanks for your critic Shennie, I will check the thighs.

Thanks OwenEgan.

A little test render merging all objects that I have done at this moment





Uploaded with


Nice work, looks really nice. Are you planning on adding any color for visual effect?


hi Davitxu! i think your entry described the hardcore-modeling-comic-book-masters-competition title just right :slight_smile: thumbs up & congrats!!


Thanks Shadowkath, I think the part most important for this challenge is the modeling so I didn’t planned to texture it or something more.

Hi donz.Thanks for your comment. I saw your threat some weeks ago and I like it, but in your final entry, you only put wolverine.Did you had problems whith the deadline?

Little turntable made in Zbrush.


yeah too bad i couldn’t make them in time, even for wolverine :frowning: thanks for looking over though :slight_smile:


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