HMC #26 Frazetta Tribute - Conan the Adventurer


Hey there, this will be my first time participating in the HMC. I really like the style he gave to Conan in this one. I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to organic modeling, so besides the fun I hope to learn a lot :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to do this, hopefully I’ll find enough time :slight_smile:


spent 2.5 hours on the sword today

Hope to get some more work done tomorrow, maybe move to the sheath. :slight_smile:


I started making myself a basemesh over the weekend, I started with ZSpheres.
It still looks a lot weird on lots of parts, but im learning a lot.

  didnt get to the feet at all, so they didnt get any love yet :)
   I also made some rough positioning, to get a feeling for how hes standing. Somehow my arms always got screwed up while rotating them down. Maybe my t-pose was too extreme and i suspect some areas around the arm to be pretty much wrong so it turns out this way when rotating it. Still have to learn more :) 
  Im also trying to figure out whether I should go on and sculpt on a posed version, or just do the next basemesh with a little more relaxed arms and pose it later on.

Edit: just noticed the great position/scaling skills on the axe and the basic props, it shall be fixed :slight_smile:


I like the sword. I’ve tried both sculpting symmetrically and then posing as well as sculpting in pose. Both can work, but the former is less work :wink:


Heya, thx for the feedback :slight_smile: I think I’ll try it with a new basemesh and less straight arms

I didn’t get much time today so I figured I’d do a dagger base for later sculpting


Cool work, the pose looks good, good luck for the details.


thx chichiri, really hope i can live up to the task :slight_smile:

   I'm still having issues figuring out his stomache area in relation to the pose.
   To me, his right arm seems to be longer than the left one. Since the right one is bent, and I suspected that he pulled his right shoulder back too, which kind of makes it even longer :o and they both end at about the same height.
   Also i noticed that the left ribcage seemed too big to me after looking at reference pictures.
  Since I am pretty much learning about the Anatomy I'm not really sure if my assumptions are correct. 

Just want to know whats going on there.

   I marked the areas I was talking about if anyone wants to take a look at it :)
   I'll investigate more and post some updates soon.


Frazetta often has anatomy issues [like 8 packs and short hands] hehe so it’s hard to get it anatomically perfect and follow the image at the same time… personally I’d stick to the anatomy but that’s just me :slight_smile: It’s the 2d artistic licence, you can get away with a lot… nobody’s looking from other sides LOL
Depends on how you’re approaching this too - are you going for a flat image at the end? or a statue like sculpt?
Great choice of the painting and a good start - looking forward to more


Hey there Intervain, thx for the feedback :slight_smile:
Since I want to learn about anatomy in general and get better at ogranic modeling I pretty much want to do him as a statue like sculpt. So I’ll try to stick to the correct anatomy.

Didn’t get too much time so i just tried to refine the pose and shape of the old mesh.

Still very rough and wrong on a lot of parts :slight_smile: can’t wait for the weekend.


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