HMC #25 The Oceans - Mimic Octopus



 This weekend I had a chance to finally start my model. I went with the mimic octopus:

This fella was discovered in the 90’s and nobody knew what he was since he did a convincing job of mimicking the environment as well as other sea creatures!(For example he/she would bury himself and leave only a tentacle showing to mimic an eel).
Cool vids of the mimic:


My Ref::


Blocking 2:

 I started by quickly blocking with zsphere, eventually the mesh was too much of a mess and I had to retopo and then continue. I decided to model him/her in the dead pose so I could use zbrush radial sym to only have to do one tentacle at the blocking stage.

So far and it looks pretty dodge in this pose, I will jump straight into a pose my next session and then detailing. Still unsure what that pose is will be- have to hit the refs.




Had some internet issues over the last few weeks(hate you telstra) so heres a update on the mimic.
Would like to do more to the reef but I dont have so much free time…



Wow, that looks great!! I will have to check more out about that aniimal, . So amazing those octopi!


japetus: Thanks. Yeah these guys are so amazing to look at in motion, I reccommend you do a you tube search for them some time :slight_smile:


Ok so heres my final:



Ah that nice feeling when you’ve hit the deadline and are done :slight_smile: THis guys was challenging for me due to hard to come by references and managing the tentacles - hes new, only discovered in the 90’s so there were less ref images and most of what there was would be him mimicking another sea creature plus hes really small in real life(about 40 cm or so) so most of the underwater shots were dof’d out or not zoomed in enough for details…

anyway, was fun and look forward to the next one, comments and crit welcome!


That’s awesome work man, love it :buttrock:


yep man, that is awesome. great work.


Thanks guys!

I for got the wire:


I can only agree! Very sweet work here!:buttrock:



very nice work!


Very nice work! I remember seeing this one very early but somehow seemed to have missed all updates. Final turned out great.


TimForbes, TheRazorsEdge, Luke046, Timrozek:

Thanks for the comments! Yea the updates were small :frowning: Had some internet problems and I tend to sit on my ideas for awhile, then have a big work session(5-10 hours) and then leave it again for days which makes it harder to do those smaller updates. I’ll look into fixing that in the future…



I meant to ask earlier, how did you make your plants? Modeled by hand or a procedural program of some sort?


Poly modeled one set in xsi leaving it straight, then just pose it in zbrush, clone subtool and repeat.




Congrats nsb!!


Thanks Roberto, japetus! :slight_smile:


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