HMC 24 - Weta Workshop Challenge - Gollum


Hello all!

I´m modeling Gollum:

My intention is to recreate this sculpture in 3D.

I hope it´s fine to do so. If not, please let me know!



I’m so in for this one :smiley: Have fun!



thanks menthol! Fun is the most important thing, always! :]

Here comes an update. Started with my basic basemesh and I´m still getting the shapes and proportions right. I won´t turn off the symmetry until I model hands and feet. From there, it´s where the fun starts. lol





great choice and great start already he looks awesome :slight_smile:



nice to see here a gollum… good start man, you will use that sitting pose or else?
keep it up :thumbsup:


Hello! Thank you guys!

I´m doing it just like the sculpture… Since it´s just the beginning, I haven´t posed him or turned symmetry off yet.

Here´s a small update:



really nice start on the mesh,
good luck


Thanks jocz!

I´ve started posing him, changed proportions and now I´ve got a lot more things to fix… haha
Symmetry is still turned on. Hope you like it… !


Looking great already I like it :slight_smile:


Thanks tin-tin!

Here´s an update:


Great work, keep going lookin forward


great model, great progress.

though i think something’s wrong with the eyes.

And just on a side note: We aren’t really alloud to use any existing base model. This to ensure everybody starts from zero. I think the base mesh gave you are really big head start though.


good work.,
good sculpt keep it up,.


Very cool, solid work dude.


Hey buddy!

Man your gollum is very nice ! keep going
Bwt if you need more references remember me becouse I have many gollum references here

I will enter in the chalenge too but I dunno what character I will sculpt becouse all of them are awesomeee ahahaahahaha

Best regards



ta lindo isso cat!!!


Lovely work.

Looking forward to this!


Nice work Fabio! Looking forward to more! keep it up! :beer:


This is going to be one of the best entries, can already tell.
Very nice!



when i see in your thread new post i have hope that you are posted update :smiley:

looking forward to see updates