HMC 24 - Weta Workshop Challenge - concept- Asuka Langley Soryu


Hi everyone,

Cool challenge, had no idea weta was involved with a evangelion movie and its the first time this morning seeing the designs - looks awesome. I’ve only really enjoyed watching afew animes and this is one of them, so I’ll try and do Weta’s Asuka.


A: Simple reusable base mesh.

B: Detail a generic female and cleaner topo in xsi

C: Worked her body type in zbrush

A: As much as I like traspose in zb, I still find it very hard to get nice results with full body pose…

B: Cleanup transpose, work details

C: More clean up, details and facial expression


Enough for today, tomorrow I’ll ref her hair and folds for her plugsuit and get onto those.

Comments and critic welcome!



Hope I’m not too late! Things got busy and didnt have enough time to do beauty render, just grabs from zbrush.

Was alot of fun, cheers



just a little update then!

love the hair, not too sure about the nose…looks a little, i don’t know…stuck on?

great sculpt tho, i think you’ve captured the pose of the top left reference really nicely :slight_smile:


Sweet! Nice work. Kudos for not giving her ridiculously massive norks too - although she does have quite a bum defining wedgy :slight_smile: I’m not complaining…


Daezd: Yep your right, the nose looks strange :slight_smile: I had some time to rework the face and hair, hopefully its abit better now.

Lordmcgoat: Glad her bodytype agrees with you :slight_smile:

thx for the comments.


nice finals ! the sculpt is pretty nice (the girl too =))
I really like your renders, is that vray ?


Just wanted to drop in to let you know that I think this look great. Both the model and and the renders sing. Is there any chance you could eleborate a little on the lighting and rendering?

Oh are you working anywhere at the moment?



Abit of info about the renders, as requested by afew people here and via PM.

Its in MentalRay using afew area lights, studio like backdrop, MIa mat with AO. The MIa is pretty simple, I wanted to create a render like you see of those toy figures but before they are painted. So its a creamy color with a little bit of orange(most of the warm look to the image comes from a large fill light) and the reflections is set to highlight only. I use proper gamma(i hope i got it right… so confusing) via mia photographic lenes shader and crushed the blacks slightly.

Some grain and darken corners were done in post. I think most of the clay figure look comes from the modelling - clumpy looking hair and not being to perfectly smooth with the sculpting etc…

JBoskma: I’ve just finished inhouse studio work(not so much cg) and have gone freelance. Currently working hard on a new reel and getting involved with the fourms, hope to post work here soon.




This is Amazing work, and well deserved win.

Hope to see you back for THE OCEANS


Wow, Thanks for the comments, trophie and putting the challenge together! I do plan to make some time for the next one :slight_smile:



This is looking nice, good gesture and I love the render well done on this one.


brilliant. very inspiring piece.

i am wondering, did you straight out render the hi-res geometry? or did you retopo, and normal map?


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