HMC 24 - Weta Workshop Challenge - Balrog


I enter with a balrog :).


Well , here with some images .I hope i can finish in time


good luck!


Great man ;). i’m gonna start with something :). this day .
Eventhought the reference :slight_smile:


This was one of my choice for this challenge, love that mooth!
good luck


YES this is one of the best i know :slight_smile: .
Good luck to you man


Well , here i come :slight_smile:


Well , i decide to work a little more in this model


looks great, good luck for the horns !
where did you get the side view ?


I drew the right :stuck_out_tongue: .
I think i’m gonna take a little time with my model because i don’t have a good reference :frowning: but i will scuplt this to have a better definition :). Hope i can have time to probe the new smoke in Blender .

Good luck to you too


looks good so far! keep it up :slight_smile:


juajuaja thanks :slight_smile:


looking great

it’s a shame you can’t find so many ref’s of this one. And in the movie you can’t really see much with all the flames.

looking forward to more.


Exactly , i’m gonna do one to have a better ref’s


Well . i think i will star sculpt :slight_smile:


Hi ,well i have in parts my model .
My computer is not so power :p.


starting to really look good.

I’m not sure if i’m right, but i think i saw a ref and it seems like the neck is rather wide.
I think yours should be some wider too.
It will look more frightening i think.

But i could be wrong about the neck.



Don’t worry i just start with the head , this is my reference sculpt .
I 'm gonna start with another with better topology .
Maybe i can use the new Blender smoke system :). i was learning yesterday hehehe


I come back with more scultp hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


nice work with the sculpting! lookin forward to more :slight_smile: