HMC 24 - Weta Workshop Challenge - 3D concept art: District 9 Alien Bust




 not sure if Ill have the time to do both bmovie and this one, but cant resist.


They really looks nice . Good luck


zspherized 20min,
retopo blablabla, zbrush


Great models.
Lot’s of freedom.
These didn’t got into the movie did they?

good luck


yes, those are unused concepts art. This is not a winning idea, but I dont care. I just want to do this poor unused alien. =)
Im doing the one on the right, with the mooth open of course ! :smiley:


I actually like the unused concepts much more than the final characters so it’s gonna be great to see them in 3d :slight_smile:


Will be fun, fun, fun to watch. I’d picked the right one over the released one. Anyway, have fun.



Yup. I’d have to agree with mag. I prefered a lot of the unused ones too. Good luck.


I definitely agree the concepts look a lot more interesting than the ones that were in the movie, looks like you’re off to a great start! Looking forward to updates


Sorry people but I have to say I like the movie design more :stuck_out_tongue: lol
They look sad and fearful, and the big eyes are great !
But those concepts are cool too. And I prefer modeling something not existing yet. =)

Some progress on the new topo, tweaked in zbrush to get better proportions.
Going on the new (again) topo with different elements. Hopefully, the last topo :stuck_out_tongue: (feel free to critic the workflow, Im not really in those kind of jobs)
Some parts are still missing.


Hi man , look better than the other one .
But i think your are working twice :stuck_out_tongue: , You should start with a nice topology first


Alekzsander > haha maybe !

just finished the quad version for zbrush
there are still lot of proportions issues, not sure if I can modify the design a bit, not really the goal of the challenge.
let’s the fun part begins !
I choose to chopp the model in parts to have better resolution, I don’t have a big big computer :confused:


looks nice :slight_smile:


some progress on the sculpt,
again, proportions, etc, will change during the process =)


HI looking good :slight_smile:



it’s getting really shaped.

I’m just wondering wether it was wrong drawn or not, but those shoulder - in the concept - look way to much forward. No wonder it didn’t end up in the movie.


thanks !

more progress,
there is something that bother me in the scales helmet, but I dont know why…

*** tiny tiny pic :smiley:
bigger here


Looks really good hehehe :wink:


I just realize eyes are too high


Looking great man! keep it coming! :beer: