HMC #22: Classic Self Portrait - Zhang Sheng


Hello all, I join in HMC #22.This is my first time to join,Prior to this, I am often concerned about the here HMC.

well, this is my inspiration:The Family of GenDuhesme by Joseph Chinard (1801)
I appreciate the works of Joseph Chinard right to express my respect.

Obviously, this is a challenge for me.


Who has photos on the side and back of the sculpture. Please share it. Thank you very much.


well it’s definitely a beautiful sculpture - looking forward to it for sure… Who will you be the guy on the medalion or the little kid :)?


here’s a start


maybe this medalion,maybe the child,maybe…

thanks for you looking forward.


I use a basemesh of Silo ,and changed the shape in maya.Match it to each angle pictures.


Baby Angel:wip:


it’s starting to look great :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting on my thread. The sculpture you are doing is very elegant. I am loving what you have done so far. The fabric of the woman’s dress will be challenging, but will be amazing. Good progress, I look forward to seeing more.



your pregress is really impressive

you use the sculpture image as reference image in 3D space to get the pose ~

I didnt think about that, thanks ! :slight_smile:


Cool modelling style
Very nice so far.


to Intervain: Thanks! guy
to RexDiem:Thanks! I agree with you that the woman’s dress will be challenging.
to YoongKunKim : Thank you!
to PKT : Thank you!

Today, my progress is a small. I added the children’s model. Adjust his posture and position,I spent a lot of time ,in order to make him look accurate.

I think about I will put my 2-year-old daughter,my wife and my face in to this work.
Chinese’s face into the 18th-century sculpture ,maybe seem strange,but I think it was very interesting. and I want to use this way to express the love to my family.:slight_smile:


Lovely technique to mach the objects in the scene.
I’ll remember that one :twisted:


The boy.

After I will turn him into a portrait of my daughter.


Your doing a great job so far, looks very cute and baby like, hehe


Beautiful. Love the soft expression.


to PKT: thank you !
to WyattHarris: thank you!

I think I have fallen behind in the progress.


very nice progress :slight_smile: I like the child’s face :wip:


Beautiful work!


to Intervain: thank guy!

to Paul4wood: thank you!

New progress: