HMC #22: Classic Self Portrait: Magdalena Dadela


I need a distraction from my other projects, which I cannot force myself to work on so I’ve decided to join in the fun.
I tried to restrain myself with the choice but I simply cannot let the opportunity to tackle one of my favourite paintings ever pass me by. I’ve always wanted to have a go at it but the idea of texturing it was too much. I will therefore make a modeled/sculpted diorama only.

  The painting is [b]The Fireplace by James Tissot[/b]. I can't deny that the fact that her face is not entirely towards the viewer is enticing too since I'm not a fan of self portraits as such and I won't post my mug here :P 
  Anyway here's the painting. It's a killer with lots of guesswork so wish me luck and time  hehehe. Thankfully I know enough about historical clothing to know what type of a dress that is - so references  for the back are aplenty. That's one problem solved ;)



weird I can’t seem to be able to see the painting in post 1 though I see it when posting 0_o
Hope you guys see it. Here’s a link anyway


i see it. it’s a cool painting. are you gonna replace the doggy with a current pet of yours?


I don’t have a pet unfortunately :frowning: but I was thinking of replacing it with a cat :stuck_out_tongue: - I’m not a dog person LOL


baring in mind that the dog = fidelity and a cat = infidelity?


lol I could make a different comparison you know… but will refrain myself in case some dog lovers visit :wink:


Awesome choice. I’m not familiar with the work but I’m pretty excited to see what you are able to do with this. That dress is gonna be something else if you can pull it off, which I’m sure you can. Good luck.


beautiful painting ,well and detailed dress,hair ,it will look awnsome as 3d model:)


thanks guys - I do hope so. Well I’ll start doing the basic layout and meshes this weekend, hope to have something substantial to post soon :slight_smile:


The Queen of drapery sculpting is back!! :wise: that was quite predictable even before i clicked this link :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you get enough time to complete it and we get to see a wonderful sculpt by you… All the Best Magda!


Yowza! Good luck! Thats all I can say :smiley:


LOL Brett that’s enough :wink: hehehe - yeah you’re right

namnocilis - thanks very much - too kind for sure

well I’ve finally started to do something - will post more today hopefully - I’ve been putting this thing off all the time shame on me :wink:


hehe, you said, you want to do this, to avoid doing the other things, you can’t get yourself to doing… so you have effectively then been doing nothing? reminds me of myself :smiley:
no, just curious to see, what you’ve done so far :wink:


Nice choice, and I must say I look forward to your work.


LOL good deduction - but no at least I can console myself - I’ve been doing a lot of 2d instead… at least something :stuck_out_tongue:


ok here’s a start… it’s my second self portrait [did one for the self portrait as a creature workshop]… I made myself a bit younger and less tired looking this time [using an old passport photo and a mirror for refs - dont’ want to take those front, side shots, cause I wouldn’t stand looking at them - and obviously it’s too symmetrical now. [forgive the lack of eyeballs - I forgot to unhide them and couldn’t be bothered after taking the image ;)]

and here’s a start of the base mesh for the body… very early days as you can see - I have to get myself in gear or I wont’ finish this:


looks like a really good start as usual magda

i took a little license with mine as well, i’m aiming to make me look like how i would if i lost the 10-15 kilo’s i plan to lose…lol…as a bit of a motivator…


it’s already looking very nice and smooth.

If you don’t mind me asking, i would love to see a wireframe of your base sculpting mesh. As i am getting more and more into sculpting, i love to see what meshes are being used by the pro’s. :blush:

I think the mesh i used, is just a little too low res, but i tried to avoid too many poles and vectors. It’s not long that i discovered that you don’t always need a perfect mesh with good loops to sculpt on. Those can come afterwards.



Great start!
Don’t know how simmilar the model is to how you look like irl, but it’s a nice model.


Great start as usual Maggie. Guess we’ll never know if it really looks like you, but it looks like your last self portrait, so I’ll take your word :wink: Dress looks like a good start too. Even in its simplistic state it is starting to really resemble the position of the character in the painting.