HMC#21: QOTRM - Queen with Jetpack


Hello everyone, this topic is so cool, and I decided to enter the competition. This is the first HMC i will be participating in, and looking at all the concepts, I have chosen to do this concept by Roberto Ortiz.


I am collecting references at the moment and will be posting them here as soon as I collect a bunch of them. I’m really looking forward to this challenge :slight_smile:


would be nice to watch u work vikram. Good luck


Hey Antony, thanks for stopping by. Here are some references I collected today. I will start the modelling soon.

I’m not sure about the jetpack yet, so will have to wait and see if I model that.


I started to build a base for the character, but then, kept working along, and made a nude sculpt of the body. I will be using this as a base now, and will be making the clothes flow over the body, and finally, hiding most of the body beneath the clothing. Here are some snaps.

       I'll be modelling the aviator goggles, and the cap next.


Hey Vikram, I like the direction you’re going with the queen. She looks tough, like you could really see her flying around on a jetpack. She is looking great, but I’m wondering the reason you chose to break from Roberto’s cartoony queen style.

Also I just checked out your sketchbook thread and you have some fantastic sculpts on it. I was wondering what matcaps you used for skin and the metal in the dominance war entry. Carry on good luck mate!


Hey Kenneth, Thanks for your reply. I am glad you liked my work. As soon as I saw Roberto’s concept, an image of a sexy 20’s aviator smoking a cigarette came to my mind, and I decided to take a realistic approach to it.

I am not able to include the shaders here, because of file size restrictions, but here is the link to a page that contains the matcaps -

I used the grey_clay extreme, and the oily red shader for the renders. The final image is colour corrected in photoshop.

Hope this is helpful


Sculpt looks very good. Can’t wait to see more.


TY Wyatt, will post updates soon


Hello guys, here are some WIP images of the helmet and goggles.

Next up, suit


Wow. Looks great so far. The helmet looks great! Nice attention to detail! I like how the goggles thread though the helmet behind the head. I am looking forward to seeing more!


I love the cap. The way you did it looks pretty innovative. Mind posting your basemesh?


Thanks for the reply szkuls and wyatt. The base mesh for the cap was done by masking the area of the head that i thought the cap would sit on, and then retopologizing it to get a base mesh. Here is a snap of some more progress and thes base meshes. The base mesh for the body is a free model done by Nick Zuccarello available here The jacket is not finished. These are just WIP snaps. Hope you guys like it.


Hey Vikram, nice work so far. I’ll keep an eye on this :slight_smile:


Great jacket and accessory details :thumbsup:


TY Chris, loved your young christian bale entry, and your blog. Scott, thanks…


Sup mate.

Figure looks superb, cap looks brilliant, goggles; awesome, accessories look really good also.
The jacket looks great on her, but the folds on the arms don’t make much sense to me. Perhaps you should pose the model before going into any more detail there, as the folds will need to drastically change anyway once she IS posed. Also, there doesn`t appear to be any folding radiating from her belt, where one would expect the MOST creasing. Anyway, just throwing in my 2 cents. Regardless, your model looks damn fantastic!



Hi vikramvr!

Many subtools! I love zbrush sahusahushasausha
Have you seen the new feature of ZBrush 3.5 ‘the zspheres II’? It rock’s ahahaha

Man you must finish it =]
You are doing great!

see yaa


Thanks Joel, glad you like the cap and the goggles. I don’t plan to raise the arm too much for the pose. I plan to make her hold a cigarette in one hand and a gas mask in the other. So, once the model is posed, I’ll redefine the wrinkles in that area. Hugo, the deadline for submission is 31st of August right?I still have some time left to finish this model.

Here are some updates. I redid the wrinkles on the jacket, and modelled the pant. The pant still needs some work.The shoe is just a placeholder. I will be working on it tomorrow.


nice job… the pants are coming out really nice … liked the wrinkles a lot … may be you can tweak the wrinkles on the jacket to match the style of pants and give them little more gravity … rest the over all luk is fine… plus cud you plz tell me wat age group is this lady from ??


Thank you for your reply, Sanketpro. Well, the wrinkles on the jacket is sculpted the same way as the pants. Once the character is posed, I’ll work on the wrinkles even more. The character is in her 30’s i suppose, and an airforce leader. Next update will be the shoes and the jetpack. Will post updates soon. :slight_smile: