HMC # 21: QOTR - The Queen


Samuka3000 : sure man … even i think the same sometimes… but she is busy these days…let the competition finish, i’ll send her to you if she wins… lmao … :beer:

neoutral : i appreciate your feedback mate,its always gr8 to have others’ opinion bcoz sometime our eye overlooks some facts :arteest: , may be i was too into the work itself that i overlooked that nakedness. i thought it wont be a big issue. but very recently when i was done with the armors i myself realised that the exposure was going little extra far :curious: … n i m already working on it . may be i’ll put another update for the manga with some stuff added. otherwise the girl is done n now m working on the Queen, as i earlier said that the next update will be the Queen. anyways … thanks for the feedback. :thumbsup:


Just added some little stuff to take care of the over exposed part.


I think you’ve a little confusion with the replys, but that’s ok :beer:


Coooool updates,she has got the nice blend between ancient and future style after the add on of the waist chain,now the fun is abt to start with the posing of these characters:p .just joking,well all i can say is this is coming along very well.beside adding the subtools you are doing justice with the sculpt by taking care of silhoutte which is actually a must for the good artwork.she has got nice bu**s.:wink: .


Samuka3000 : oohh…sorry… that was by mistake… i’ve corrected that. :slight_smile:

romilkchopra : thanks a bunch for appreciating the work since the start mate… i hope i’ll be able to do justice with the complete project. Thanks :slight_smile:


Dont forget to post your final entry on this thread:

Queen Of The Rocketmen: Post your Final Entry


Hi all,
M worrying about the final post bcoz deadline has arrived … and still the posing part is left …
i hope i’ll be able to complete the pose and background before Wednesday (fingers crossed) …
little update on the Queen, cape yet to be added …


Looking good! :thumbsup:

I like the way she is dressed, very original.

My only observation is the cap, the way it is placed above the hair makes the hair look really stiff.


Very nice characters, good style. Thanks for the fishnet trick, very simple indeed


Remember, deadline is Monday, 12PM! Your model is looking awesome! Good luck getting done what you can!


Thanks Guys… and i’ll surely take care of the feedback as m already working on it… and m worried because i was mistaken about the deadline… i thought i had one more day in hand …
now m really wondering how is it possible to finish this all up before 12. I m thinking a little streach in the deadline wud be great to finish the entry… i wish the deadline to be extended by just one day and everything will be solved. anyways … i’ll stilll try my best to finish up as much as possible by tonight .


Hi everyone …
its been a lot of pain to pose all these three ladies… but finally … i succeeded in that, thanks to Subtool Master. here are some grabs of the poses. i’ll post the final entry in a while …
Thanks to everyone for all the support …
Gud Luck !!


just a closer look …


Hey Sanket, I was wondering if you knew how to fix this problem… I would really be grateful.






Congrats Sanket!! You really deserve this! It was a lot of fun watching you work :buttrock:


japetus : thanks a lot man. It was a great learning experience, and everyone did a great job. congrats to you too for best model. yours was a great entry and i loved it very much.


:applause: Congratulations Sanket!! :applause: :buttrock::bounce:


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