HMC #21 Massive airship by David Wranding


Hey everyone! I couldn’t pass up this awesome challenge! I’ve decided to work on a vehicle this time. I will be modeling up David Wranding’s concept of a massive airship. I will probably be doing a littleof my own concepting as well, in order to work out some of it’s details.


hope this will help and that it was something like this you had in mind… wish I had more time for it though…

  • anyway good luck Mike and I will follow this for sure :thumbsup:


Wow!!! This is even cooler than I had been hoping for! Thanks a ton! I will definately try to do your design justice. The question I have now is to make it evil Nazi or friendly Allied/American…


whohohoho…that is one massive baby! Would love to see that modeled. Goodluck!


very good project keep going !


Good luck bro, you’ve got some good material to work with there.


Agree with Wyatt. This is a cool design. I wish you the best of luck with it. Often times what seems like something very simple ends up being extremely complicated to get right. I hope this isn’t the case here.



Rage, Wyatt, yes it is becoming quite complex! I spent a few days just researching and I didn’t have much time over the weekend to work. I made a little biplane model to get a sense of scale and this beast is going to end up being around 700 feet x 500 feet! I’ve been mulling things over in my head so when I get some time later in the week I hope to get a chunk done.


Hehe, the bigger the better. Lets see some some geometry.


You picked a pretty sweet concept. I like how it almost looks like a flying submarine. Can’t wait to see some geometry. I enjoyed your work on the 19th HMC so I look forward to this as well.


Gathered some more reference from Sky Captain… shows good images of how to model something this large to appropriate scale…hope to have some screenshots up tonight!


oh man…we have the same source of ideas lo.l Took some screen shots of the movie when i rented it


Ugh, time to go to bed. I’m out of ideas for tonight. Here is some really rough crap, I thought at least I’d get comments. I am mostly blocking out large areas, trying out some shapes, and seeing how some exterior scaffolding looks. I guess I’m just trying to get a feel for this beast at the moment, trying to imagine what it would be like to have to move around this huge ship. The part that is getting me now are the green living structures near the back. I was trying to make them kind of like streamlined conning tower shapes which I think might work once I redo the bridge section up front. I think I’m going to try to do a sort of clasic aviation art deco style…we’ll see how that progresses.

Overall render



I’m not sure what the safety inspector would say about that scaffolding but it looks really cool. :smiley: A good start.


I’ve been able to work on this today at work. I have a lot better feeling about where I am headed now. I started adding some turrets at the bottom of the zeppelin along with a simple bridge. I also started working on the aft section. I’ll be placing gun turrets on the green cylinders most likely. The concept calls for the area to be a “parachute deck” So I think I will make a couple raised platforms kind of like mini helipads. The purple area will be like a prepping and viewing area for the parachute ops and the two open areas will be to move supplies and personnel from the zeppelin to the level. I’m also considering putting an elevator in the back like they would have on an aircraft carrier. Maybe masses of troops can be brought up that way. I’m liking it more now!


Got some more render updates…been working on the back structures a lot…biiiig render!


man o man…i can already feel how massive that thing is:argh:


That’s what I’d call a massive airship. :smiley: Seriously that last render really sets the scale, that is a big boy.


I think your model really captures the idea of the concept art you chose.


wow man! this is really cool!

  • about the “parachute deck” I think I’ve seen somewhere that they can drop tanks and other vehicles with parachutes

  • just in my head hehe!

keep it up it looks really great!