HMC #21 Alanise,Jojo,TheRazorsEdge: Queen attack to zeppelin


Here we go:wink:


Good luck!!


While I truly appreciate the advertisement, is there a reason you linked to my entry?



My guess is jojo1975 is going to create a character that attacks your Airship?


ahhh, that would make sense, well if it is the case, BRING IT ON! :buttrock:



Actually it was just a mistake but now I have to do it ! :slight_smile:


Haha! Good luck in the challenge, my friend. Am anxious to see what kind of guns you’ll bring to the fight :twisted:



WIPs of the jetpack and a quick model of an airship


Double Carrier ! :slight_smile:


changed textures in the jetpack… now going for the helmet


Looks pretty cool. I do love rocket packs.


update… detailed gondola + zeppelin + hangar+ trail + some textures…


other WIP just a try on the colour of the texture… going to make it look better in next days


Mega details, loving it so far.


impressive :beer:

lil’ question, how did you model those trail structure thing?


So I have started laying out the scene using jojo1975 zeppelin and jetpack. I do not have the queen yet so I just using my standard flat girl I use for judging proportions. She is just a place holder for me leaving the action of her up to my teammates my part is the environment/buildings. It very blocky right now as I just trying to figure out the layout flow but it gives all of you the idea of where the diorama is going.

This is the original main building concept sketch I did when the contest was first mentioned - now that I know the real zeppelin dimensions I modifying the design to fit.


the trail were difficult to study but simple to realize. I started modelling in little details a single unit… and then istanced it and use the align tool using spline
So there’s the “final” clay for the zeppelin… and also clay for the props… we are starting to ultra detail the queen. I love those goggles !

and then my favorite :slight_smile:


Your diorama is looking quite promising. Can’t wait to see the finished piece.


And now for the guns…


Okay I had a a couple of days to actually work on the main building in the shot. Yes I did more detail than need for this project but I was having fun and I can use for a portfolio piece later. It is not done and I am still working out a few things too - but here is the progress

Far away shot

Overall front shot

AirShip Platform - there will be ramps so you can board the airship

Pedestrian Jet Pack Landing Area

Overall Side View

Overall Back View

Back landing area