HMC #20 - Expressions-Shia Lebeouf


Ok so lets see how this goes:P. Just starting the thread. I’ll post images up a little later…


Haha, great choice! :smiley:
Have fun, pal.


hehe an interesting choice Brett - I like his face, his kinda funny :slight_smile:


uhhh! didn’t think you would ever enter one of these. hahahah
good luck, buddy. have fun.

talk later.



Thanks for the support guys:).
Yea I like him. His “human” I guess.

menthol: hehe. Thanks mate.

Intervain: Hey Mag. Glad you popped in here. Yea I like his face. Its “normal” I guess.

rasmusW: Yo ras! Hope everything is ok your side buddy. Pity you can’t enter this one:(.

So heres my collection so far… I’ll be prowling the interwebs for more pics as the challenge goes…


Nice choice!

Cant wait to see his tiny chin and small lips come to life! :smiley:


TyroneMaddams: Hey buddy thanks for stopping in. Ha! Jeez I hope I can get all that right:surprised

So heres what I have so far. The right side of his face is mirrored. So all the geo is off on the jaw. Once I’ve modelled the ear and all I’ll tweak all that up…

Just the model. Looks wierd in symmetry:P…

Sorry for the big pics… I’ll make em smaller next time.


Hi Brett!
Cool choice and a very good start…nice flow!


Looking good so far,

I’m sure you will nail him

Please post a lil bigger :smiley:


Funny guy… hahahaa.

delavega: Thanks man:)


good start Brett! :thumbsup:

[btw. I think up to 800px doesn’t stretch the post :)]


Thanks mag. Haha. I know I know. Still getting used to the way cgtalk loads images. I’m used to zbc:blush:


mesh looks very good, can’t wait to see your zbrush skills again


Good start. The mesh looks spot on so far.



Omnilight: Thanks man. Your he-man entry was great:thumbsup:

Giom: Thanks. Though just copying a picture has its flaws. My side view isn’t dead on. I’m getting a bit of his brow. Also It looks like his frowning a tad. Hmmm.

Shaded update. hopefully it appears smaller this time :P.
I had to take the mesh into zbrush and try mach up his face by eye as the model I had was looking really wierd:surprised


Mate, looks just like him, nice work already.


Thats looking awesome so far, nice work!


Great likeness so far and nice topology too, this thread is promessing a lot.



hey buddy!

wow, very nice BIG pictures. hehehehe
very nice start man.
you are doing a good job on the likeness.
maybe it’s easier to eyeball in zbrush, if you use that imageplane tool… just a thought.

well, keep up the good work.



So far so good, I have no problems recognizing who that is.