HMC #20 Expressions - Rhesus Macaque


*quick note - I just rearranged one of the sites where I was hosting a bunch of these images forgetting that I was using them here. So I just went through my entire WIP thread and tried to put the right images back with the right posts. So if something seems weird that is why.

I guess we’re getting 2 monkeys. I have to say I’m a little jealous of Shin4. Chimps sure are very expressive. Seems like these rhesus fellows are just very serious all the time. Oh well, that’s my project. This is my first HMC by the way. So I guess my goals are one-fold. Finish.


Well, it isn’t much but I figured I’d try to get the ball rolling on here with a WIP. Just starting to block in the base mesh. These things are covered with a good bit of fur as is obvious so I’m going to be using the skull a good bit as reference for guessing the shape of the face under all the hair.


Hi, monkey also very cute and have a lot of expressions. I am sure you can do it very well. By the way this is my first HMC also. :slight_smile:


Ha, very cool reference. Thanks. Good luck to you as well, I think it should be fun doing something similar but different to someone else. Good luck on your first challenge too.


nice to see this thread with something different.

have fun.


Got a little bit done today. Hoping to mudbox soon.


Nice start~


I’ve been pretty busy the past few days so I haven’t been able to do much. I should get a good chunk of time to work on this guy tomorrow. Next is the teeth and the ears. Oh ears, never fun but always fulfilling when done right. Here is where I am.


hey it’s looking nice. ears are pretty annoying and i usually just end up sculpting them out in zbrush from some simple shape, which just hurts me in the long run :(. also may i suggest creating a loop flow for the mouth like you have for the eyes and nose?


Agigaherger: Thanks. Yeah, agreed on the loop flow for the mouth. I have a tiny tiny one going that needs to come out past the lips. Especially for how wide they can get their mouths open. Thanks for the heads up though, I probably wouldn’t have changed that until it was at a point where it was really annoying to change that.


Oh ears. Well, I just went ahead and finished the ears and added a better loop to the mouth.


Looking good!


Thanks for your suport, I will changed my model a bit later. :slight_smile: Your work also looking good. I wish to see your update soon~ :beer:


really nice progress on the model so far - looking forward to more :slight_smile:


A little update. This is really my first time trying to do a head like this. I’ve done characters in the past but nothing great. So this is taking me a bit more time than I anticipated. Regardless, I’m really having fun with this project.

For this update, base mesh hasn’t changed much, I have cleaned up my UV’s so it’s ready to be detailed in Mudbox (where I’m a bit of an amateur). I’ve also begun detailing the eyes, and I’ve added teeth and gums. Next is the tongue and I’ll be about ready to roll. Still kind of shivering thinking about the hair. Ultimately this project is a great learning experience for me as almost everything is new to me.


waterlilly: Thank you much! I have really enjoyed watching you in past challenges so it’s very nice to hear from you.

shin4: And thanks for yours as well. Not too many other non-humans on this challenge (guess that makes sense) so we monkey modelers have to stick together.

Intervain: I really appreciate it. I have also really enjoyed watching your work here. I have a lot to learn with sculpting so hopefully I can really come through on this challenge.


Hey. Nice work in the eye, looking forward for more, cheers.


Good god man you’re texturing and furring it aswell as doing 15 expressions? I have to admire your cojones on that :slight_smile: It’s a great project to take to a render though, a nice break from the usual semi-expressionless fare.

What are you doing for hair? I recently had to do some in work and ended up using shave n haircut with the p_hair shader which was quite nice to use, especially as you can take it out in passes.

Anyway, good luck with it!


stridiggio: Thanks, I need to credit Alex Alvarez’s tutorial on that. I did it all from scratch but it was with the guidance of his video.

Lord McGoat: I may be crazy and idealistic. I think tomorrow I’m gonna sit down and try to make a realistic goals chart because, yeah, June 12th is right around the corner and it might be best for me to just get on to some expressions soon. As for the hair, I really only have access to maya hair right now. It isn’t perfect but it isn’t completely terrible. I may just settle for sculpting hair for now in mudbox and moving to real hair in the future if I want to use this model as a showpiece.


Alright, got a little sculpting done. I don’t feel completely comfortable in mudbox yet but I’m getting there. This is only the second time I’ve worked with the maya/mudbox workflow. I do like it though. Just need to get more used to it.