HMC#20 Expressions- GORILLA


I is too late to change the categories but i will model gorilla because of its little human resembelance . today i will finish the base for sculpting .


here is the progress of the model


hi guy this is first expression - Angry
C & C are welcome.

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Looking good. His really vicious. haha.
I know you started the expressions. But if I may. Maybe you need to sort out some anatomy on the base model. I think the eyes are 2 far apart, Also the nose area needs to be a bit bigger the nose is almost the width of the outer part of the gorillas eyes.

Good luck



I agree with the eyes being too far apart, but only by a little bit.


brettSinclair: thanks brett for dropping by and even to comment. i m fan of ur works.

animasta: thanks

huh so wasted a week again. actually my system crashed ! . anyway here is next expression which i really wanted to make , though i dont know how far i hv got.

Expression 2: love (motherhood)

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.” – NOT ME


comments and critics r welcome


Not much to critque you on, they’re looking great! I would love to see more with the baby.


wow! The love is looking great. Nice interaction between mother and baby.


awww very cute - both of them… I especially love the mother on the last one :arteest:


first thing first !

agigaherger: thanks for commenting

BrettSinclair and Intervain : it gives a little sense of content when somebody like u fellow appreciate my works. i am pleased. lastly thanks for dropping by .

so , here the third expression: Dispair or Sad

i feel sad for this guy :slight_smile:

as usual Comments and critics r welcome .


This last on has a lot of emotion… very nice. It has a very ‘human’ feel to it (as aimed for i assumed). Really great work… the mother and child shot is my fav :arteest:

Nice one!


Your work is looking great. Seeing yours makes me really wish I had gotten around to doing more of the body. Bodies emote so much that a face can’t do alone. Well done, I can’t wait to see more.


i think creating a circumstances or situation helps us to think of the subject even more deeply.

stevenEgan : thanks for ur comments

Timrozek : thanks


It is mind boggling how much emotion you can put in these espressions. Very good job.



rageofages : thanx

next expression : Silly

best of luck to all !:slight_smile:
a great learning experience…


I like the 2nd one best, although for a Gorilla that’s probably not silly. Probably more like Neutral pose :smiley:



ha ha :smiley: that was funny


Hope you could finish this on time

This friend have a great model full of emotion.

Its a real pleasure see your work :thumbsup:


I Love The Love Expression

Sad emotion is good & concept too.
Child has gone somewhere? so sad :frowning:

Keep it up!