HMC-20 Expressions - GL


Ok can ennybody gess wot it is yiit?
And dont say Rolf Harris.

I decided that My two other entries were not um fun enough. So I decided to do a cariacture of the great man himself.
Unfortunatly I dont have enough ram to import the high res version, and displaments are giving me troubles.
Ill post the base mesh and wip images when somone correctly asses who it is :stuck_out_tongue:


That is George Lucas. No doubt about it. The 3/4 view gave it away. :smiley:


edit: I just noticed afterwards that you also left a hint in your thread title :beer:


that’s a good caricature of him :smiley:


See, I knew you guys would guess wrong, Its not george lucas, Its Mel Gibson.
Ok, um, it might be George Lucas. Im not gonna afirm or deny if it is him. And If I did, Id have to kill people afterwards (Puts on MIB glasses), look into the light.
:cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill post my concept and base mesh later on tonight.


well it’s definitely recognizable :slight_smile: I’d say youv’e stretched the edge of the eye too much too the back but other than that, looking forward to him making faces :slight_smile:


Cool, Thanks.
Ill fix that.


Just some concepts, I got a few sculpts to post tonight.


Ok so here he is, sans eyes and glasses, mebbey I shoulda modeled them and had them in the scene, never mind Ill do that for the finals.


more to come.


I’m lovin’ it. Keep going Airflow!



more updates


redone the happy a bit




Man I’m loving this. This is an awesome caricature. Keep going airflow!



Cool, another mudbox user :). Looking very cool, you caricatured just the right parts. It’s nice to see that compared to so many that just pick random bits of the face and exaggerate them. Nicely done.


Thanks, I really want it to be cartoony, abit like Tex Avery, or the mask, but still be able to reflect George in the poses.


Lol, the last one had me yawning for 30 mins straight while i was sculpting it.
Attentive and Tired–


haha, very nice caricature. very recognizable. I know exactly what you mean about imitating the expressions, happened to me as well :smiley:


Yeah, made me laugh last night.
Supprised or Kurt Russel impersonation :slight_smile:




Disbelife crying and extreme rage…

I bust a gut making the last one.
I might do a normal angry.


LOL at Angry. Anyone else think that’s the face he made when EVERYONE in the world told him that Jar Jar binks was the worse character of any film EVER?