HMC #20 - Expressions - Fantasy Character


Ok, so I’ve made up my mind. After juggling goblins, sprites and other creatures in my head I’ve decided to go with something a little different and more human-like. I’ll do Mephisto the way he’s usually presented in the theatre - red cap and spiky beard hehe :slight_smile: Should be fun.
I’ll probaly use all sorts of sources to create the face - not just one ref.
for now here’s a sculptue of Mephistopheles by Gautier:

btw. is there no way of editing the thread name?


Will be sweet.
now i’m subscribed so very curious to see this come to life.

Have fun!


Ah nice. I’m looking forward to some evil grins. hehe.


Nice! I love your art work. looking forward to more~


your artworks are inspiration to newcomers like me…

looking forward…



Oooh…Mephisto is a GREAT topic, Intervain. Can’t wait to see some more refs.


very nice choice Magdalena.
Sure will follow this thread =)


Id love to see a slight disney take on this, it be great.


Nothingness - thanks very much :slight_smile:

Brett - Thanks :smiley: LOL I think I can’t make more than 1 of those if I’m to manage 15 face hehe

shin4 -thank you very much!

polymaster - thank you for the kind words.

RageOfAges - thanks :slight_smile: Glad you like the idea.

turx - thank you!

AirFlow - thanks a lot. Not quite my thing though, it might be great however :slight_smile: makes me think of Jafar hehe

ok here’s a hint of where I’m thinking of taking him - a cross between those guys with a touch of my imagination :wink:

[Al Pacino, Jeremy Brett with a sprinkle of Christopher Lee ;)]

Al is my major influence I think… I just can’t help thinking about him in the Devil’s Advocate since yesterday so I made some caps to aid me:

started a regular base mesh for the head - will add specific features in Zbrush. I’m glad I’m taking part in this - finally forced myself to make a new head base for a man, which I ment to do for some time… Hopefully will finish that today and get on to the rest of the torso + hat and horns :slight_smile: I want to do a bust, not just a head hanging in the air…


great start! very clean and nice mesh.


Jeez that was fast! great work like always. This thread will definitely be a nice learning experience for newbies like myself.


Nice. Pacino is perfect. Devils advocate comes to mind.

Are you just eyeballing the model? If so thats seriously hardcore of you:)


turx - thanks

Agigaherger - nah, not that fast - I’ve spent a long time on it today… and the ears still have to be done :banghead:

BrettSinclair - nah, LOL I’m not that hardcore - I’m using the freedom of teach images of the human to get the proportions… just changing the nose to a longer and bigger one… otherwise it fits with the generic one…


Great start, topo, pick, Magdalena :smiley:

*Subscribed for enjoyment :slight_smile:

For changing thread’s name you might wanna ask Roberto. I tried to change it once, didn’t work out.


I hear ya on that one. After the face it’s time for something just as hard as the face.

My favorite expression from that movie is when he sticks his finger in the holy water. Might be the second or third one on the bottom. Pacino in a pointy beard, can’t wait.


hey magdalena!

intresting choice. really looking forward to see this, :twisted:muhahahahah… -couldn’t resist.

i’ll keep an eye on this.



menthol - thanks

WyattHarris - hehe yeah, i’d say it’s more painful than hard. Yeah the expression is the 3rd one at the bottom :slight_smile:

rasmusW - thanks a lot :smiley: I like your avatar!

ok here’s the base for the head - simplified some things and finished it + the little hat thing… Just realised that it’s expressions and I’ll need teeth :rolleyes: - damn :wink:


Really Nice. Great clean mesh. Looking forward to some zbrush:arteest:


Looks like a great animatable mesh so far!

Small note, that star right next to the nostril might cause you some annoying issues with the crease-line etc. I’d recommend getting rid of it. I thought I could get away with the same thing on one of my last meshes and it proved way to troublesome to leave something like that in that region ever again.



Hey, cool update!
Nice topology. Looking forward to see more!