HMC # 18 - Cutaway - Vulture (Mad Dog) Battlemech


Ok, my try will be the Vulture Battlemech (Clan Name: Mad Dog).

Thanks to Hypernaut and the community for some references.
More references can be found here:
And of course, the original Blueprints from FASA:

It will be quite difficult, because the Blueprints are meant to look cool, and differ from the technical description given in the books. But its the only useful reference that exists, so i will have to come along with that.

Ok, lets see if i can start this evening. :wink:


the cutaway picture looks great :slight_smile:

have fun!


I will enjoy seeing this puppy come alive :slight_smile:


Started on the feet today. Nothing cut away yet, i first design the inner parts and then decide where to cut off the hull.


Good luck with this, limited reference must make it difficult for you but your the Battle Mech’s foot looks spot on :smiley:


Spend some more hours on the internal stuff in the toes. Its getting confusing, but i think thats enough detail now. :wink:


Too much is never enough :smiley: :twisted:

It looks good, can’t wait to see the rest of it, don’t get bogged down with detail though at this time with the expense of not finishing the model. I know this isn’t real as opposed to what others have done but I think it’s going to be interesting.


don’t get bogged down with detail though at this time with the expense of not finishing the model

yep, thats right, and thats why i said its enough of detail for now :smiley:
this is what i did yesterday evening, today i hadn’t yet time to go on with it. So thats nearly the final internal stuff in the feets.

Man, i think it took me about one hour only to decide how to design the intercooler. The Blueprint only shows it from the front, and you can’t tell what part is going what direction and its not very precise. I searched some images of real intercoolers for reference and made a design that seems kind of logical to me. So many hours of work for just a tiny part of all it. Man, thats so depressing :sad:

anyway, if i find the time today, i will start with the laser-weapons in the arm, lets see :wink:


i don’t wanna be spiteful, but I just can’t refrain myself from telling you “I told you so!!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

other then that this looks really very promising - I hope you can keep the high detail and standard throughout the whole battlemech


It looks really good, keep it up.


It looks really good, keep it up.

thanks, i will :wink:

i don’t wanna be spiteful, but I just can’t refrain myself from telling you “I told you so!!!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hehe, yep, you told me so :scream:
And its getting worse: On the Arms, the top and the front view of the ‘blueprint’ simply don’t match! Again hours of thinking of “how to”… do it in a way that makes sense.

So i’ve done the easier parts of them first: the gun tubes, and now going to the stuff in the armored casing.

Nothing yet cutaway, as you see. Heres a small wire for the ultimate view…


yeah, that a common problem, even with real life blueprints …

keep at it, and just fake the bits your not sure about …:thumbsup:


Is that gonna be your new tag line :shrug: :wink:

battle mech is looking cool though, I guess that is a bit of a problem, HOW does a lazer cannon work ??? Go into any games workshop and ask them if they have a cutaway of a dreadnought, I saw one ages ago, that had all the workings on show, might help you generate something ???


Nono, its not the problem of how the Laser works, or looks inside, the will not be cutaway, unless i have to much time to design it. But the Blueprints dont show it.
The Problem with the Blueprint are size-mismatches and such. So the Armored Gunmount-Hosing or how i ever shall call it, is wider in front view, than in top view, and it has some part on the front, for which is no room in the top.
But i will try to interpret some kind of correct Design from the many other references like sketches and artworks…

Does somebody have an idea on how to easily make a bunch of cables, that is curved? :hmm:


I never thought to say before, they used to make plastic model kits of these, like airfix models, I’m sure if you hunted hard enough you might be able to get one, ebay ? Maybe that would help more than blue prints ?

cables… what program are you using ? Can you not just make them and then apply a bend modifiyer once they’re all together… sorry I’m quite new to all this so that could be completely wrong, someone who knows what they’re talking about should step in now, I’ll get me coat :blush:


Yep, they make plastic models, but these are, as far as i know, only out-of-one-piece, and mostly created by the owners themselves, and used in their table-top plays, as Battletech has a great gaming audience in that area.
But it would not help more than the photographs of the models i have and the other artworks.

Hey, bend-modifier could be a try, i didn’t think of that. Thanks!


Does somebody have an idea on how to easily make a bunch of cables, that is curved? :hmm:

I asked that question myself and took a look at it. I’ve got a roundup on my page, probably not the best, but one simple and quick way to go for it…it may only massively affect your triangle count. :smiley: But thats what cables usually do.

Another approach would be to use the loft compound object. Real quick too and gives you good control of your cables.



hehe, ok, should have said it, but i thought it was obvious, i’m using Maya. So i cannot directly use your approach on the cables.
But in a similar way of course, that was my thought, extruding a circle along a curve, but i think i will use that to create the single cables, woven in the bunch of em, and then curve that with some kind of deformer, (i think i never used a bend-deformer before) lets see :wink:


That damn wannabe-blueprint :cry:
Took me maybe two or three hours to find a way to get that damn housing-part in the front into someway alike the artworks show it. The Problem behind that are the fastenings of the gun-tubes inside there, which look quite cool in a cutaway, but simply don’t fit in there, if one obeyes the blueprint/artworks. I think a screw thread would have been much easier, but it wouldn’t look that interesting in the cutaway then. And i already had designed the fastening things on the tubes, and now had the problem to fit the casing to that stuff. Finally i did it. But it took very long :argh:

Yep, thats nearly everything i got done today… the following is from yesterday. Its the “generator” or whatsoever of the Medium Pulse Laser. Doesn’t look overwhelming, but it still needed some time to make it :wise:


you might try extruding along a curve for your wires. I use it for getting wires/tubes.

First create a curve.

Create a some kind of poly to extrude I used a cylinder and deleted all the faces except those of one of the end caps.

Then select the polygonal object and then the curve, hit extrude. Then in the extrude properties you will see a attribute for “Divisions”. The higher the number here the more your end poly result will match your curve.

Now for wires that are all tied together, instead of building each wire separate create a poly cross section of the wires.

But since we want to save on poly count and your not going to be seeing in between the wires you’ll want to merge vertices’s and simplify the geometry.

now hit extrude and determine you divisions. Another thing to consider is are your wires twisting around each other or straight. If you use twist the more you twist the wires the more divisions you will need.

Hope this helps. Its looking good so far; good work, and good luck!