HMC # 18 - Cutaway - Turbocharger


See post #35 for final images:)

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[b]So yeah…Turbos. Love em and want to model one:) Got plenty of reference for this already.

 Here's the turbo that's currently on my car.




Yes! I love turbos as well, the cutaway looks great so far! Lets see some wires.


sry: double post


looks very cool!
but the compressorhousing is wrong. Your´s is completely axially symmetrical atm.
Whereas it should be more like a helical curve with a variable crosssection.



You are correct sir. Both housings are wrong at the moment.

Wire, as requested.


Updated compressor housing.

Just need to do a little cutting:)

Mock center section(Impellers and bearings) Don’t mind the housing, it’s not the updated version above.


that´s looking good.
keep going.



Scratch that…reworking it:(


Are you starting again, everything ??? :scream: but it looked good, especially the cut one with the eposed parts in it ( albeit that was the old housing ). You’re doing well.


No, not the whole thing. I’m working on the compressor outlet but having some trouble. I had posted pics but I’m not at all happy with it, so I took them down.


Ok here we go…Just have to do the exhaust housing inlet and some other minor things. Then continue on to the CHRA.


This is a fantastic entry, you’ve really picked a great subject here and you’re making a brilliant job of modelling it, so easy to see each piece as there isn’t loads and loads going on, coming on real well ! :smiley:


I might be jumping the gun on your progress, but are you going to include the wastegate, oil inlets and water inlets as well? Excellent job on the compressor/exhaust turbines by the way =]


Wow, thanks so much my friend. I really appreciate it!

There is no internal wastegate, it’s external on this design. I could build the uppipe/manifold and do a cutaway of a Tial. Excellent idea, thank you:D

As far as the cooling, this is an Oil-free turbocharger designed by MiTi. It uses Foil Air Bearings. Very interesting stuff here…

MiTi has developed the world’s first completely oil-free turbocharger using compliant foil air bearings. The low powerloss of the lubricant and oil-free foil bearings overcomes turbolag associated with other bearing designs to increase engine responsiveness and efficiency. The oil-free design is environmentally preferred since it prevents contaminating engine oil from mixing with air entering the piston cylinders. This design helps reduce engine emissions especially during the cold startup phase. Premature bearing failures due to high speed and high operating temperatures are eliminated. Oil supply and scavenge lines are also eliminated resulting in simplified engine installation, reduced engine oil leak potential and lower parts count.

Thanks, I still might rework the impellers. I’m not totally happy but they could have turned out a lot worse.



Here’s my first run at a Foil Air bearing.

(From left to right) - Sleeve, Bump Foil, Top Foil, Journal


Started the wastegate…


Very nice.

I don’t know nearly enough about these guys but you are doing a great job recreating the elements. I don’t know if it was intentional but I love the sheared off look on parts of the main housing. Looks like someone took a big reciprocating saw after it.


Looks great Micah, cant wait to see it all come together in one cutaway Turbocharger.


Thanks guys!

It was not intentional. When I started this I thought about the effect my grinder has on some things I’ve cut. I was thrilled to see the same effect.

Threw some materials on, started the outlet/flange.