HMC #17 - StarWars Steampunk - Podracer


Hello everybody,
my name is Alex and this will be my first Hardcore Modeling Challenge
My idea was to build a SteamPunk Podracer. I hope it will turn out nice :hmm:
(Original scene )

I thought two little steam engines with a chimney like Stephenson’s Rocket had one would look just nice instead of the turbines…
I will start after the weekend


I am going through some REALLY fast days at work and that is the main reason that i won’t be entering (again).
But if i was to enter i would go for the pod racer myself.The carriage+2 engines main design gives a huge artistic freedom:arteest:

good luck! this is going to be an amazing challenge!!
i envy you all :frowning:


good luck with the pod racer !

i’m just thinking, maybe have a little brainstorm about the proportion of the engines and the pod itself. I think it would be great if the engines are indeed much larger. Give it a little contrast.



Thank you for your comments stage-gr and Nothingness!
Nothingness, you are right about the engines, I will make them bigger as the original engines are also very big.
Today I started with the carriage. Here is what I made so far:


This is a good idea, I like the stevensons rocket touch, nice start alex.


very nice. I agree about bigger engines, much bigger engines. It needs some real steam power …


Thank you, simjoy and DogBreath!
Here is a little update:


Can I suggest a ref for deep button upholstery. Making good progress already.


I spent some more time on the carriage:


another update:
I started with one of the engines today


looks cool. are you going to have the engines on wheels too?


Looking good. Are you going to do a little Steampunk Sebulba to stick in the drivers seat?


Thank you, SantoAnderson and lightcache!
To answer your questions: Yes the engines will be on wheels too, at least I tought of two weels and one skid in the back. Well and as far as a driver is concerned, I decided to finish the pot first and then maybe add one if there is some time left (I hope there is :curious: )


yeah youve got a few weeks left i think.


Great design Aelex! I really like the seat/cockpit.


keep it going mate. this is steam punk.


thank you Dropkicksev and lightcache! :beer:
At the moment I am very busy but I try to finish this anyway…


very cool idea


don’t know if it was part of the plan, but the steam-powered engine will sure need at least 3 wheels. According to the concept it has only 2 but don’t think it will be going far then :wink:



I finished the Podracer on monday:
Thank you for all the advice and nice words!
Beauty Render:

Orthographic renders:

Nothingness: My idea was that there is a skid in the back of each engine instead of a third wheel. So in a way it was part of the plan :wink: