HMC #17 - StarWars Steampunk - Boba Fett


My first HMC!

Edit: Magnus aka Schlook gave me permission to use his concept, thanks dude :).

Day 1 - just trying to get proportions down and creating a sculpt friendly mesh for the clothes.



cool concept, great to see what youve done with it so far. My only suggestion is to include extra detail as the concept doesnt have a whole lot. Cant wait to see more.



thats why it’ called basemesh :wink: I’m pretty sure there’ll be more detail soon…

great start so far, nice proportions and alleready cool pose…
I’ll follow this threat carefully



lol duh

but i made a point of saying the concept - I dont think it has as much detail as some of the other concepts that have been posted (not that thats a bad thing) but this being a HMC I was suggesting psyko add EXTRA detail.

It’d be pretty funny if the base mesh was pysko’s finished work though :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha it’s called HARDCORE for a reason so dont think its finished yet! :D.

True it doesnt have lots of details, i’ll try to add a few ideas of my own altho im no concept artist…

More worx…


Have a look at the other steampunk concepts for detailing ideas - there’s the other Boba concept which is very steampunk, nothing wrong with yoinking some detail ideas of there :wink:

It’s coming along nicely though - excited to see the finished piece.


Hey Patrick! I don’t know if this will help at all, but my brother built a set of Jango prop armor a while back, and my Dad did some leather work on the holsters. Here are a few reference images showing the pieces together and separately. Think link is here.


I think i’m done with the base. I havent done much cloth work so this should be good practice…

Grog: Yeah thats a good idea, i was tinkering around with a jetpack design and weapon too.

Dropkick: Thanks, i will have a look for sure!


Looking great man!

No worries, hope the pics help.


reminds me of that old movie “the rocketeer” i believe its called…


Hehe yeah does look like the rocketeer.

Been working on the folds and his gun.


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