HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Yoda


am i seeing this wrong or is this rendering just with a little bit of displacement and bump?

ik looks like it’s soms major bumps with detail on it. Don’t know how this looks like this but it does. Kind of funcky.

and the major wrinkles on the top of the head are looking like you finished them quickly :stuck_out_tongue:



ya its just a normal map. i think i’m kinda rushing through this too much trying to get to another model. I think i slow it down get some proper displacment maps. plenty of time left. Just hope i can find the time to finish it. Thanks for the kick in the ass Nothingness. cheers!


excellent concept choice, the model turned out really good too!! On the other side I’ve to agree render is not showing the quality we’re seeing in Zbrush.

The amount of quality on the contest is pretty darn high!!



Amazing work, love the concept.



Thanks guys for the encouragement.

here is an update. got to still clean it up some. but its pretty close. i think it could have been better but i had to move on sadly.


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