HMC #17 Star Wars SteamPunk - Yoda


I’m going with Bjorn Hurri’s yoda. Man some fantastic concepts. Really hard to choose what to do.
my base mesh ready for zbrush.


small update. crits/comments more than welcome.


update. needs lots of work still. feet and hands and some of the proportions


This is the concept I would’ve chosen, if I’d gone from the resource thread (and if I have zBrush or Mudbox). Excellent call :slight_smile:

You’re off to a really great start! Can’t really offer advice at this time; just keep it up!


update. by the end of the night i should have a start on the seat. not that his body is done by any means. crits comments more than welcome.

Chrisbeaver- thanks man. ya Bjorn Hurri’s work is nuts. I couldn’t help myself.


Started up on the chair


how did you go about doing the filigree on the chair?


I love your sketch!! Not surprising that yoda would have a hukka type of thing :wink: Can’t wait to see this completed! Good luck


hey thanks guys for the replys. Been pretty busy as of late. But was able to get some stuff done.

japetus- i did not do the sketch. It is Bjorn Hurri’s exellent concept i am working from.

MichaeleBJohnson- here is how i did the filigree. please excuse the poor execution I just slaped it together in PS very quickly.This is done using 3ds max.


Looking very, very good. Can’t see any probs.


quick update


just adding a few close ups


Wow! Amazing work! Thanks for posting the step by step for the filigree.


This looks great, the detail done with zbrush is awesome. Keep it up!


chair update. strap needs some more love.

Dropkicksev- thanks man. hope the step by step helps.

edt382- thanks brutha.


Kinda looks like The Brain from Pinky & The Brain!!
double badass!


Awsome work, it looks very good.


Fantastic work…keep it up


Great modeling.

Only had some comments on the chair. Now i’m not sure how much changing you still wanna do but i think i’m kinda missing some round edges on the ornaments and a little here and there. At first i thought the top piece was over detailed compared to the rest. But gonna wait and see what you do next.

The yoda is awesome but still think there is something wrong with the head. I think - if i can picture the concept right cause i’m missing it in your first post - the head is just not tough enough. I mean not hip enough, not bad-ass enough. And maybe the top skull is a but too big. Think this could change things a little.



secondarymartin- holy crap it totally is brain. ahhahahaaa! that s great man!

octane52/jomuller11- thanks guys

Nothingness- i think i know what your saying about the chiar and yoda’s head. I’ll see what i can do. thanks a ton for the crit, appreciate it bro.

I have had zero time to work on this. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. Just a few tests. I was hopeing to try and finish this this weekend or earlier(won’t happen) and try and start on jabba the hut. we will see what happens. crits and comments more than welcome.